Cajamarca´s Carnival Helps the Local Economy

Friday March 21, 2014
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When touring Peru, you must attend one of its colorful festivities. One of the greatest celebrations can be found in Cajamarca in northern Peru, lasting a couple of weeks.

This year Cajamarca´s Carnival was from February 18th to March 5th, bringing excitement to the city with its many contests and dances.

This year the number of tourists at the Carnival increased tremendously, from around 8,000 visitors in 2013 to 15,000 visitors in 2014.

According to Luis Reyna, the head of Proturismo Cajamarca, each tourist spent around 600 soles ($214.00).

Reyna believes that in total all the visitors contributed more than 9 million soles to the local economy and hotel occupancy rates went up to almost 90 percent.

There is a reason so many tourists are coming to observe these festivities, there is something special and unique about each celebration in Peru.

Come to Cajamarca and find out what all the buzz is about

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