Cajamarca: Celebrations in the Capital of Carnival

Cajamarca: Celebrations in the Capital of Carnival
Tuesday February 20, 2018
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Cajamarca: Celebrations in the Capital of Carnival

On the 10th of February, Cajamarca, the capital of Carnival, initiated its celebrations with the Ño Carnavalón (“Rey Momo”), a puppet with a big head that represents “the farewell to the bad vibes.” While carrying the puppet through the city, assistants of the festival were thrown with water buckets, inks, and talc.

After four days of carnival, Cajamarca ended last Tuesday its celebrations with a five-hour parade showing various delegations. Each of them was wearing traditional costumes.

Claudia Corcuera Hernandez, the carnival queen, initiated the parade. With each delegation went a group of musicians making people dance and sing. Amongst others, the Cajamarca Regional Governor Porfirio Medina Vasquez and regional government workers participated in the parade.

At the end of the carnival, the local population burned the Ño Carnavalón in the Baños del Inca district.

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