Cable Car Construction at Machu Picchu Again Topic of Debate

Cable Car Construction at Machu Picchu Again Topic of Debate
Friday August 11, 2017
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The Ministry of Tourism in Peru is again contemplating the construction of a cable car to improve, and possibly increase, access to the Machu Picchu.

Several times the idea has been proposed, and each time it has not been passed due to safety, aesthetic, environmental or other concerns. This time may be different though, as a cable car was recently built alongside the walled settlement of Kuelap in the Amazonas Region. This was done in an attempt to promote tourism and the idea seems to be gaining steam in and around the Cusco area.

The Ministry of Tourism says one of the principal reasons for its construction would be to reduce traffic at the entrance to Machu Picchu, however, many believe that the amount of visitors will increase as well, essentially negating any proposed benefits. UNESCO has voiced its concerns in the past that the site cannot handle the current amount of visitors, and has threatened to place the site on their endangered list. The conflict between conserving the Inca citadel while promoting tourism, one of the most important industries in Peru, continues to plague decision making regarding the site.

The Ministry of Tourism is currently working with other governing bodies to determine the best way to construct the cable car if plans are to be approved. One idea has been to create a second visiting area to ease any concerns about congestion at Machu Picchu.

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