British teachers heading to Peru

British teachers heading to Peru
Tuesday November 25, 2014
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The United Kingdom will send some 500 teachers to Peru in 2015. This in an effort to improve the quality of teaching the English language. Also about 200 Peruvian teachers will go to the U.K. to learn the language better. According to education Minister Jaime Saavedra Chanduvì: “It has always been said that the English teachers have deficiencies in speaking the language. Training the language in the U.K. is a way to solve the problem.”

Apart from teaching classes the British teachers will also help revising methodologies and the teaching itself. The 2 hours a week of English classes taught now will eventually have to go up to 5 hours.

Everything will be taken care of to host the British teachers. The trip, the housing and food will be arranged by Peru and the U.K. Peru reportedly invests 100 million Soles ($35 million) in the project.

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