Biometric Passport will be key in visa process

Biometric Passport will be key in visa process
Wednesday March 02, 2016
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Peru recently came out with biometric passports. These passports are predicted to be essential in the process of crossing the border into other countries, particularly the United States. The Peruvian Foreign Affairs Ministry asserted that the US is working on a visa-free entry for Peruvians. If this passes, it will be required for Peruvians to have biometric passports to enter.

Ambassador Carlos Polo, head of the General Directorate of Peruvian Communities Abroad and Consular Affairs, emphasizes the usefulness of the biometric passport and asserts that it could be a very key part in the visa-waiver process with the United States.

The biometric passport allows for a more thorough evaluation and history of travelers and will also ensure better security. A biometric passport contains a chip that has the traveler´s personal information and eliminates the possibility that the passport could be forged.

This passport will give Peru higher security measures and will open more doors for Peruvian travelers. As of February 26th, Peruvians will be able to start the process of obtaining a biometric passport. This entails signing up to the Migration Agency´s webpage and paying a fee of $26.10 at Bank of the Nation.

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