A better assistance for homeless elderly in Peru

A better assistance for homeless elderly in Peru
Wednesday February 18, 2015
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According to the Andina news website, Peru’s Minister of Women and Vulnerable Populations, Carmen Omonte said that the national program ‘Vida Digna’ will widen the scope and increase the quality of the services given to homeless elderly in Lima and other regions in Peru.

This will be possible in Lima thanks to an arrangement with “Beneficiencia Pública de Lima Metropolitana” which is the capital’s social assistance institution. This institution will help the ministry with technical assistance and will help to better the equipment and infrastructure.

Besides this, the organization will help the Canevaro residence for elderly people by sending volunteers so they can increase the number of people entering the residence.

In future, the Vida Digna program will as well make arrangements with the social assistance institutions in other cities such as Arequipa, Cusco and Moquegua.

Vida Digna is a national program of the Peruvian Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Populations that has as goal to help 1500 adults who are living on the street by 2016.

At the moment 419 people are participating in the program.

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