Best dishes of Peruvian cuisine according to National Geographic

Tuesday November 11, 2014
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National Geographic recently published an article of the 10 best specialties of Peruvian cuisine, which is known to be one of the worlds finest.

Included are meals which mainly consist of meat, for example cuy – baked or barbecued Andean guinea pig, which is served with head and legs – or anticuchos; grilled meat, mostly beef heart, served in restaurants or as street food. Many restaurants offer alpaca and the pollo a la brasa, meaning roasted chicken marinated with a smoky and salty dressing, which is often served with French fries. Another conventional meat dish would be the aji de gallina; a stew made out of chicken, milk, bread and the yellow aji pepper for taste and color.

There are also a lot of vegetable-based meals to be found in the Peruvian cuisine. Some places offer causa, a cold casserole with potatoes and avocados in it, and the rocoto relleno, which has its origins in Arequipa and technically is a red bell pepper stuffed with spiced beef and egg and baked with cheese on the top.

Peruvian cuisine lives by its introduced ingredients. Lomo saltado is a meal created by Chinese immigrants. It is based on a mix of beef, several vegetables and soy sauce as well as fried potatoes served with rice.

On the coast of Peru, but mainly in Lima, restaurants lure with ceviche – raw fish with citrus juice, spiced with onion and pepper, and mostly served with potato. One famous fruit for Peru is the lucuma. It’s growing on trees and is similar to mango, though the taste reminds of maple syrup. The fruit is used to sweeten desserts and create ice cream.

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