Best Attractions To Visit In Arequipa

Best Attractions To Visit in Arequipa
Friday October 26, 2018
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Best Attractions To Visit In Arequipa

It is almost time for the annual Alpaca Fiesta in Peru to be celebrated again! This event hails the whole Peruvian alpaca industry, from the production of warm clothes to the consumption of its meat. This happing is taking place in Arequipa this year, and thus it offers attendees the chance to explore the beauty of the so-called White City.

This city is sometimes overlooked by tourists, but this is a shame. The second most populous city of Peru has a lot to offer! Check out this list of things to see in Arequipa!

Plaza de Armas

Just like in many Peruvian cities, the Plaza the Armas is the most important sight. For Arequipa, this is no different! White buildings with cozy facades surround the square. On the side of this square, the imposing cathedral of Arequipa adorns. However, the most appealing thing about the Plaza de Armas of Arequipa is the flourishing and colorful gardens in the middle of it.

Mirador Yanahuara

This viewpoint uphill in Arequipa offers a stunning view over the White City. The most intriguing thing is that you can see the imponent Misti volcano on the background. This is also the place where many local Arequipeñans eat in one of the cozy “picanterias.”

Monastery of Santa Catalina

This monastery is like a city within a city. Until 1970, this monastery was inhabited by nuns from all around Peru. The architecture of this building is just beautiful, with its arcades, corridors, and courtyards.


Sabandia is located just 8 kilometers south of Arequipa and is known to be an oasis of tranquility near the city. The crystal clear waters and the corresponding water mail are definitely worth a visit.

Colca Canyon

Most people know Arequipa as the gate to the Colca Canyon. This is the only place in the world where one can find the famous Andes Condors, a large bird which is believed to be immortal. Besides, travelers can do one of the multiple day hikes through the stunning scenery of the canyon.

All by all, Arequipa is a city that is certainly worth a few days of your time during the next Alpaca Fiestas!

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