Barranco: Lima’s coolest neighborhood

Barranco: Lima’s coolest neighborhood
Friday September 27, 2019
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The Barranco district of Lima, Peru has legitimate “cool” status. Time Out Magazine, based in England, has listed Barranco in the top 30 coolest neighborhoods. Time Out is a magazine that ranks countries in all different categories. From the most romantic cities, the best cocktails in the world, to the worlds wildest and cheapest party cities. Time Out does a lot of ranking, and Barranco has certainly caught their eye.

Time Out highlights how Barranco has emerged as a classy, chic place without losing its grit. They write: “1920s architecture of faded Art Deco mansions and leafy boulevards forms much of its appeal, but its artistic roots run deep too: vivid flourishes of street art give purpose to an afternoon wandering here, emblazoned on crumbling walls by Peruvian muralists (…).”

Barranco has intriguing nights. The atmosphere is lively as painters and academics discuss government until the break of dawn. There are many stylish cocktail bars and restaurants. On the weekends, the main square has many gourmet food festivals and local musicians come out to perform.

Central, listed as one of the top ten restaurants in the world, can be found in Barranco. Tourists can try a 17-course tasting menu. Food is not the only alluring item on the menu. Time Out commends, “the compelling cocktail menu and location within a restored mansion has made Ayahuasca into a local institution.” Guests can also test the Ayahuasca Sour: prepared with coca leaves and Peru’s crown jewel, Pisco.

For dessert, head to El Cacaotal’s. They offer a variety of Peruvian chocolates. Guests can also learn about the factors that affected the making of chocolate.

Lastly, the article encourages all people to “dive into the Barranco’s artistic roots at Second Home Peru: a sea-fronting, art-adorned guesthouse and the former residence of Limeño artist Victor Delfin (who often pops back for a visit).”

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