Arequipa Prepares for Anniversary

Arequipa Prepares for Anniversary
Tuesday August 09, 2016
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On August 15th Arequipa celebrates its Anniversary every year. This year marks the 476th Anniversary of Peru´s White City.

The city has already started celebrating its Anniversary with many festivities on August 1st. Some celebrations include the ringing of the Cathedral´s bell and the raising of Arequipa´s patriotic symbols.
Numerous leaders gathered at the event, including Arequipa´s mayor Alfredo Zegarra. Furthermore, Peru´s new president, PPK, will visit the city on Sunday, August 14th.

On Monday, the main event was the civic-military parade, with the attendance of numerous governmental workers and Army troops.

One such official commented that although this event sparks such celebration in the city, Arequipa´s Anniversary also initiates many projects that aim to better the development of the famous White City.

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