Andean products will enter Asia

Andean products will enter Asia
Thursday June 30, 2016
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An agreement has been signed between GB Corp (Peru) and Viss International (China) to facilitate the distribution of Peruvian products in Asia.

This agreement, made at the National Society of Industries facilities, allows for Andean products to enter the Asian market.

Peruvian producers, trained by Sierra Exportadora program, are from the Cusco, Junin, and Piura areas. Their target distribution locations will be Hong Kong, China, and Japan and their target market consists of 3 billion people.

The GB Corp Commercial Manager, Roxana Castillo, asserts that the products Peru provides will be natural. Coming from the Andean and Amazon regions, the raw materials increase the value of the products, especially when sold overseas.

Most products will be cosmetics, such as hair products, bath gels, and skin care essentials. These products will be made from the natural materials of the Andes and the Amazon, such as quinoa, camu camu, maca, and purple corn.
The skin care products will be known under the brand ´´Qeira,´´ which means ´´Skin of gold´´ in the Inca´s language, Quechua.

This new development in Peru´s exports will continue to expand and develop Peru´s growing culture and presence around the world.

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