Ancient wood bridge Q’eswachaka inaugurated again

Ancient wood bridge Q’eswachaka inaugurated again
Friday June 16, 2017
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An ancient tradition has been completed once again during the days of the 8th – 10th of June. The Q’eswachaka bridge located 180km from Cusco city is handwoven every year over again made entirely of vegetable fibres.

Every year, in a traditional ceremony, the bridge is inaugurated on the third day, after untying the old ropes attached to the extremes of the bridge and replacing by the new ones all braided by hand according to ancient pre-Columbian traditions.

For this occasion, close to 1,000 locals from four Quechua-speaking communities come together for the ultimate display of authentic Inca culture. Tourists from all over the world gather around to witness the 3- day spectacle.

Since 2013, the bridge is a UNESCO Cultural Heritage.

Travelers in Peru can visit the bridge. For more info, check the tour page of the Qeswachaka Bridge Tour.

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