More ancient drawings Nazca Lines discovered

More ancient drawings Nazca Lines discovered
Thursday June 14, 2018
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More ancient drawings Nazca Lines discovered

The infamous Nazca lines, located in the South of Peru, with its more than 70 geoglyphs drawn in the sand around 500 years before, have just included more lines.

These new drawings have been credited to the Paracas culture (around 2000 years ago) by archaeologists. Among the discoveries (around 25), there is an orca, a monkey next to a dancer, and a pelican.

Patricia Balbuena, minister of Culture, said that they didn’t know that the Paracas (around 500 before the Nazcas) had worked on the same plain and that many of these figures were covered and in danger, as the area was used by “mototaxis” to cross the Pan-American Highway. They were able to identify, geolocate, and delimit this are thanks to the use of technology.

There has also been found other geoglyphs in the nearby regions of Chincha and Pisco, the biggest concentration was found in Palpa and Nazca.

Balbuena also commented that archaeologists keep finding drawings, which tell us that this whole area was a big workshop. She added that the difference between the Nazca and Paracas cultures is that the first work in the desert and the other on the hillsides.

This is the second largest discovery in the area of Palpa and archaeologists are using different technology, such as drones, to uncover more than 50 lines that might have or not done by men of the Nazca or Paracas culture.

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