Amazon Rainforest on “World’s Ultimate Bucket List 2018”

Amazon Rainforest on “World’s Ultimate Bucket List 2018”
Friday May 04, 2018
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Amazon Rainforest on “World’s Ultimate Bucket List 2018”

Flight Network has published the “World’s Ultimate Bucket List for 2018”, a list with 50 places that should serve as an inspiration for people who want to travel this year. Apart from Machu Picchu, the Amazon Rainforest is also listed. To create the list, Flight Network questioned more than 800 travel journalists, agencies, bloggers and editors. So now the Amazon Rainforest on “World’s Ultimate Bucket List 2018”.

Being a natural wonder of the world, the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil, Peru, Bolivia and Colombia is worth a visit. It is not just the largest, but also the most biodiverse tropical rainforest on our planet. Travelling to the rainforest makes an intimate nature experience possible. One can see pink Amazonian dolphins, piranhas and different species of birds, amongst other wildlife.

Iquitos is a perfect destination for tourists that plan to visit the rainforest in Peru. It is the main port along the Amazon River. A boat tour is a magical and unique experience for tourists. During the tour one can see Native tribes living on the banks of the Amazon, the Napo, Ucayali, Marañon and Nanay Rivers. Furthermore beaches like Tunchi Playa and Santo Tomás are perfect places for water sports.

The so-called Pacaya Samiria National Reserve is the largest reserve in Peru with its size of 2,080,000 hectares. It is located 150 km from Iquitos and offers diverse flora and fauna, especially fish species. In total, there live 130 types of mammal, 330 bird species, but also many reptile and amphibian species. To the more endangered species belong the river turtle, the manatee, the pink river dolphin, the giant river otter, amongst others.

Apart from Iquitos, one can also visit Madre de Dios, a destination providing rainforest and a wildlife reserve for endangered species

Overview with Tours in the Peruvian Amazone Rainforest.

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