Amarakaeri Reserve Wins Sustainability Award

Amarakaeri Reserve Wins Sustainability Award
Tuesday July 19, 2016
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The Amarakaeri Communal Reserve in the area called Madre de Dios has created a project called ´´Economy and Forest: Strengthening Indigenous Communities and Creating Sustainable Producers in America.´´

This is a project that focuses on harvesting chestnuts in a way that doesn´t use deforestation and strengthens the surrounding community. Located in Manu, the reserve is one of the largest communal reserves in Peru. Like most places in the Amazon, it boasts a high biodiversity.

This award was given by a global network called Canopy Bridge, which looks to recognize projects that are dedicated to forest conservation and community development. The other countries that participated in the project contest were Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Venezuela, Brazil, Ecuador and Colombia.
Leaders say that the Amarakaeri Reserve´s project ´´not only provides an alternative source of income, but also helps highlight the true value of the forest itself, whose multiple benefits go far beyond generating income.´´

In addition to the recognition it will receive throughout Peru, the reserve will receive $5,000 as a prize. Officials at the reserve have confirmed that they are looking to use this prize money to hire a consultant who will broaden the territory of chestnut harvesting.

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