Alpacas Suffer from the Drastic Weather of 2016

Alpacas Suffer from the Drastic Weather of 2016
Tuesday January 17, 2017
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The drastic weather of 2016 has caused alpacas to suffer this year. In fact, certain regions with extreme drops in temperature have seen many alpaca deaths.

Peru holds 80% of the world´s alpaca, specifically in the southern Peruvian region. It is in this region that Peru has had an unusual amount of rain, cold temperatures, and severe dry season.

Local Peruvian farmers have asserted the issue that their livestock is in danger from the harsh weather. It is said that 180,000 alpacas died in the south of Peru due to weather conditions.

Just last weekend, the National Service of Meteorology and Hydrology warned of heavy rain in the southern areas of Peru. Furthermore, because of such low temperatures, they even expected snow or hail.

In addition to the dangers of the low temperatures, the heavy rain caused flooding, which ruined many crops and fields where alpacas feed, thus decreasing their food supply.

With this weather affecting the land and creating harsh conditions for alpacas, over 270,000 alpacas have been affected in just the past few months.

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