Alpaca fiber exports US$ 21 million

Alpaca fiber exports US$ 21 million
Wednesday July 08, 2015
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Increased support and investments are to thank for the increase in alpaca production.

Peruvian alpaca exports have increased from January to April 2015, up to a total of US$ 21,518,000 and 13,05 tons of alpaca fiber.

8,3 million were shipped to europa, $ 75 to China and 2,7 to South korea. The main market for Peruvian alpaca in Europe, is Italy.

During the same period last year, 1292 tons were exported for a total value of $ 18 million.

According to Andina News Agency, the increase might be thanks to the increased support to the sector.

Sierra Exportadora supports over 40 breeders in the Aymaraes province in Peru, taking care of the breeding alpacas and collecting the fiber. In general the alpaca is becoming more popular: not only the fibers, but also the alpaca meat.

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