Airport Lima will grow to receive 40 million passengers by 2030

Airport Lima will grow to receive 40 million passengers by 2030
Wednesday October 31, 2018
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Airport Lima will grow to receive 40 million passengers by 2030

Jorge Chavez International Airport, based in the Peruvian capital Lima, is expected to welcome 40 million tourists by the year 2030. This rapid increase of arrivals at the airport is due to the extensive expansion works, which will be finished next decennium. This has just been announced by the Peruvian Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism Rogers Valencia.

However, Valencia stresses that the growth of flights to Lima’s Jorge Chavez International Airport should be well-structured to be a success. Rushed decision-making might have negative effects on the airport. This means that the number of travelers arriving and departing from the airport should increase gradually, even if the planned second runway is not finished yet. If not, problems may increase due to the certain impulse in arrivals after the second runway is finished.

To assure this, the minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism visited a ceremony celebrating the extension of the airport. During this celebration, he told the staff and direction of the airport that in five years, the airport should be receiving nearly 28 million visitors. This is not quite the aimed 40 million yet, but it is a good start already. Especially counting the fact that at the moment the airport ‘only’ receives 23 million visitors.

The expansion works will be finished around 2025 and it will be as environment friendly as possible.

The ultimate goal for Peru’s main airport is to be a hub for flights to all of South America. This is realized by the expansion works, but also by a marketing campaign set up by the tourism board of the old Inca country. They promote staying in cultural Lima for a transit to elsewhere in the continent.

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