Agriculture-related poverty decreased in the last 5 years

Agriculture-related poverty decreased in the last 5 years
Monday May 23, 2016
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The Agriculture and Irrigation Ministry declared that poverty related to agriculture has decreased, particularly in rural areas. From 2010 until now, it has decreased by 16%. This means that 782,000 people have emerged from below the poverty line.
The Head of the Agriculture and Irrigation Ministry, Juan Benites, asserts that this decline is due to the bettering and specializing of products that are exported along the coast, and also the imported products in the highlands.

Many Peruvian products are being made available in supermarkets in various cities around the world. In fact, many Andean products are in high demand, such as various fruits and quinoa. Because of this, producers in Peru have seen an increase in income.

The Agriculture and Irrigation Ministry has declared Peru´s agriculture exports as a huge factor in the country´s economic growth. Even though this year was an El Nino year, farming activity is expected to increase. Producers see a big opportunity with the production of blueberries.

With this bettering of Peruvian agriculture, poverty is decreasing. The Ministry hopes that this trend will continue and even more Peruvians will improve their quality of life.

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