80 Chefs Create Giant Fish Tortilla in Honor of Chiclayo’s 321st anniversary

80 Chefs Create Giant Fish Tortilla in Honor of Chiclayo's 321st anniversary
Friday March 20, 2015
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There comes from Chiclayo, Peru a whale of a tale. Or perhaps, a ‘fish’ of a tale. Or a whale of a tortilla? Yesterday, in honor of their 321st anniversary, eighty chefs and fish processors from Chiclayo cooked up a tortilla of ‘raya’ fish that was approximately 120 meters long. Now that is a whale of a tortilla.

The massive tortilla was stuffed with 370 kilos of raya fish, 3,500 eggs, 2 kilos of peppers, 80 kilos of green onions, 120 kilos of red onions, and 4,500 limes. The 80 chefs who created it are the finest from the San Jose district of Chiclayo, the capital of the Lambayeqye region in northern Peru. Chiclayo celebrates its local cuisine as a part of its traditional culture and history.

Nancy Fiestas Ramirez, president of the event’s support committee, said that the making of this massive tortilla is representative of traditional cuisine, its origins and eating habits in Lambayeque. Tortillas are often cooked into a stew that is served with large portions of cassava, toast, and chicha de jora, a traditional beverage.

The mayor of Chiclayo, Macario Fiestas, was present at the giant tortilla event, inviting tourists to visit the exhibition of the anniversary which will be open up until March 20th. Chiclayo, also known as the “Pear of the North” and the “Capital of Friendship,” almost became Peru’s capital. Today it is known for its flavorful local cuisine and stunning beaches.

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