7th Oil Spill this Year Occurs in the Amazon

Oil Spill this Year Occurs in the Amazon
Tuesday October 18, 2016
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In the region of Loreto, an oil spill took place on Friday, October 14th. This is the seventh oil spill to occur this year in the Amazon of Peru.

The spill was on the Northern Peruvian Pipeline on the first section of the Pipeline. PetroPeru, the company responsible, is in the process of investigation by the Agency for Assessment and Environmental Control.

The company asserts that it did all in its power to contain the spill once it began, and that the spill was not caused by them, but by a third party.

Additionally, the last spill took place on September 25th, when the company also claimed that the spill was due to an outside influence.

The Peruvian government has initiated a full-scale investigation into the incident and into the company of PetroPeru. Furthermore, it has asserted the importance of aiding the affected communities, providing for their needs, and caring for the environment.

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