5 Spots To Observe The Stars In Peru

5 Spots To Observe The Stars In Peru
Friday April 13, 2018
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5 Spots To Observe The Stars In Peru

Observing the sky and the stars has become a hobby of many people all over the world. Peru is no exception. Canal Ipe names 5 places in Peru where one can observe the stars.

The first place mentioned is Rúpac, Huaral. It is situated 8 hours from Lima at 3,580 meters above sea level. Because of its high buildings that were built in 1200 AD, Rúpac is also called the “Lima Machu Picchu”.

In Lima there is a place for campers called Marcahuasi. At 4,000 meters above sea level tourists can spend the night. Marcahuasi provides them with a marvelous landscape and stone forests. The second palce to see stars in Peru!

The city Sing is also situated in Lima between the coast and Sierra de Lima. It is possible to camp near the Chillón River in Obrajillo. Because there are no artificial lights, tourists can see the stars very well.

Moving away fro the Peruvian capital, there are two further recommendations:

In the Sacred Valley in Cusco, tourists can find many Inca ruins. The Inca constructions were always aligned to the observation of stars. That is why tourists can find many spots to observe the sky in the Sacred Valley.

The last place that to be mentioned is the stone forest Hatun Machay in Ancash. Situated in the black mountain range between Huaraz and Conococha, it consists of huge rocks that are up to 60 meters high.

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