24 Peruvian Athletes to Go to the Olympics

24 Peruvian Athletes to Go to the Olympics
Tuesday May 17, 2016
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As of now, 24 Peruvian athletes have qualified for different Olympic events. With this number of athletes, it is the largest Peruvian Olympic team in the last 16 years.

Athletes have qualified for the following sports: athletics, rowing, gymnastics, shooting, tae kwon do, sailing, judo, and swimming.

Peru also has several athletes that are still in the running to qualify in wrestling, weightlifting, badminton, and volleyball.

The following athletes have qualified in their specified events: Stefano Peschiera and Paloma Schmidt (sailing), Julissa Diez Canseco (Tae Kwon Do), Alonso Valdez (Riding), Andrea Cerron and Nicolas Magana (Swimming), Ariana Orrego (Gymnastics), Juan Manuel Postigos (Judo), Francisco Boza and Marko Carrillo (Shooting), Renzo Leon and Camila Valley (Rowing), Ines Melchor, Gladys Tejeda, Jovana de la Cruz, Raul Pacheco, Raul Machacuay and Serapio Galindo (Marathon), Kimberly Garcia, Jessica Hancco, Paval Chihuan, Luis Henry Campos, Paolo Yurivilca (race walk), and Luis Ostos (10,000 meters).

These anticipated games will take place in Rio in August.

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