Indigenous Names make a Comeback in Peru

Wednesday February 20, 2019

According to Minority Rights Group, indigenous people groups make up 45% of Peru’s population. With almost half of Peru’s population, it’s surprising that there was a time when registers would not accept indigenous names. Indigenous names such as Quechua, Etsa, Willka, to name a few, were once common in Peru. These days, however, it is more common to hear names such as John, Dylan, or Michael. Despite these obstacles in the indigenous community, language researchers reported to the EFE (a Spanish international news agency) that indigenous names are becoming more popular, and indigenous names are about to hear their revival. (more…)

Wheelchairs in Machu Picchu

Thursday February 14, 2019

Making Machu Picchu accessible to handicapped persons: that is the lastest achviement of the company “Wheel the World”! Wheel the World provides travel experiences for people with physical disabilities. They have tours packages in Easter Island, Oaxaca, Valparaiso, to name a few. Customers can tour cities, take cooking classes, and even go zip lining. Their next ground to conquer: the old Inca citadel Machu Picchu, in Peru.

Tours to Machu Picchu are now open for physically disabled clients, thanks to Wheel the World’s efforts. Founders Alvaro Silberstein and Camilio Navarro (more…)

Avoid the Cusco – Santa Teresa Route for travelling to Machu Picchu

Monday February 04, 2019

Avoid the Cusco – Santa Teresa Route for travelling to Machu Picchu

The Management of Exterior Commercial and Tourism (Dircetur) put out a notice that tourists should not use the Cusco Santa Maria route by bus to get to Machu Picchu during the present rainy season. The recent accidents and situations have put the lives of those visiting Cusco in danger.

“We understand that you want to get to Machu Picchu and one of the options is through the Cusco – Santa Maria – Santa Teresa; however, in the rainy season (December – March) this route is not safe. (more…)

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