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Pope Francis “Very Excited” to Visit Peru Next Year

Tuesday September 26, 2017

Pope Francis is very enthusiastic about his visit to Peru scheduled for next year, said President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski last week. The president of Peru was welcomed by Pope Francis at the Vatican last week ahead of the Pope´s official visit to take place in January 2018.

“He came from Colombia very happy about his visit there, and is very excited about his visit to Peru. He has only been to Peru twice and the truth is he is very happy,” remarked the president.

He also said that the Pope was very interested in addressing the problems surrounding the Madre de Dios River (more…)

Tourists Flock to International Spring Festival in Trujillo

Tuesday September 26, 2017

Tourist authorities of the Provincial Municipality of Trujillo estimate that around 50,000 tourists, both nationals and foreigners, visited the city to attend the 67th International Spring Festival this past weekend.

Miriam Gayoso, Deputy Manager of Tourism of the Provincial Municipality of Trujillo, reported that despite the disasters caused by the El Niño phenomenon earlier this year, it was expected that 15,000 more tourists would arrive compared to 2016 due to the recent improvements.

Peruvian Pre-Colombian Art Featured in Exhibit at Getty Museum in Los Angeles

Tuesday September 26, 2017

Ten pieces representing the cultural legacy of the Lambayeque region in Peru are currently being exhibited along with other relics from Peru and several Latin American countries at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles.

The exhibition, entitled “Kingdom of Gold: Luxury and Legacy in Ancient America,” features a select sample of goldsmith and sumptuary art of major American cultures, with more than 300 works from 50 international cultural institutions.

Represented by roughly 60 cultural assets, Peruvian cultures were selected for this extraordinary exhibition (more…)

Peruvian Restaurant Becomes First in World to Receive Ecofriendly Title

Tuesday September 19, 2017

Ámaz, a restaurant located in the Miraflores neighborhood of Lima, has become the first restaurant in the world to receive the Forests for All Forever (FSC) certification. The award recognizes businesses that promote local communities and the conservation of forest ecosystems.

For over twenty years, the international nonprofit Forests for All Forever has helped to conserve forests and the populations that depend on them.

Pedro Miguel Schiaffino, the chef and owner of the renowned restaurant, said that everything in his restaurant, from the furniture to the tableware (more…)

Construction of Largest Wind Farm in Peru Underway

Tuesday September 19, 2017

Wayra I, the largest wind farm to be constructed in Peru, is now underway according to Enel, the multinational energy business in charge of its construction. Enel released a statement last Monday saying that construction would be done by its subsidiary, Enel Green Power Peru.

Located south of Lima in the Ica region, the wind turbines will have a total capacity of 132 megawatts once completed.

“The construction of Enel’s first wind farm in Peru furthers our presence in the country and demonstrates our strong commitment to the Peruvian renewable energy market,” (more…)

Plans Moving Along for Peruvian Coastal Train

Tuesday September 19, 2017

A major proposal during the presidential campaign of President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski was the creation of a train that would travel between Ica and Huacho while passing through Lima. The goal of the project would be to connect the rapidly growing areas of the northern part of Lima to the department of Ica, an important tourist destination and large economic hub, in the southern part of the country.

Shortly after taking office, the blueprints for the project were created and released. It has been reported that 22 different companies are interested in winning the bid to construct the project. (more…)

Series about Peruvian Culture to Debut in US

Tuesday September 12, 2017

Great Big Story (GBS), the well-known CNN content web platform series of the United States, has developed and produced four great stories from Peru. The first of these stories will highlight the work that is involved in the construction of the original Q’eswachaka Inca bridge, while upcoming shows will detail the great diversity of Peruvian potatoes, the richness of Peruvian fauna and the quality of Peruvian pisco.

A co-production between Marca Perú and Great Big Story, the objective of the series is to strengthen the image of Peru in the USA and around the world. (more…)

Festival Highlights Special Peruvian Breads

Tuesday September 12, 2017

Cookies filled with soy and the so-called “Pan Pachacútec”, were some of the products that were offered during the “Festival leaves with bread and sweet”, that took place from September 8-10 in La Molina.

The festival, organized by the Peruvian Association of Entrepreneurs of Bakery and Pastry (Aspan) highlighted the presence of the bakery of the Peruvian Navy, with its famously large Pachacútec bread measuring 40 cm long and weighing 250 grams. It also featured the participation of the “John Pan” Bakery of the Special Education College John Paul II (more…)

New Show Highlights Peru´s Culinary Process

Tuesday September 12, 2017

A recently released episode of the new series from Viceland´s “Huang´s World” traveled to Lima to explore the city´s rich eclectic cuisine and to understand its rise to the top of the Latin American culinary world.

Eddie Huang, a chef and restaurateur from New York City, travels the world in the new show where he learns about the country´s identity and history through its gastronomy. The show is very lighthearted but still delves into serious issues as Huang is a former stand-up comic as well as attorney. It also features some of the best chefs in each country (more…)

Peru counts to 20 most beautiful countries on Earth

Wednesday September 06, 2017

According to the British publisher “Rough Guides”, Peru is the number 16 among the most beautiful countries of the world.

In a vote among their readers, a list of the 20 most stunning countries of the world was named by the magazine. In the results, it was announced that Peru is a “geographically varied country” and “is a worthy winner of a spot in the top twenty.”

Reaching position number 16 among all countries of the world, Peru leaves behind countries like Vietnam, Croatia, and Ireland in the list.

Guinness World Records: Puno’s Alpaca Fiber Finest in World

Wednesday September 06, 2017

Alpaca fiber, with a fineness rating of 13.1 microns, was recorded in the Guinness World Record as the finest in the world at the recent Fecasam 2017 Livestock Fair held in the Puno region of Peru.

Fibers from the two specimens of alpaca breeds, Huacaya and Suri, were considered in the official book of the Guinness World Record as the finest in the world. Prior to the heated competition, a parade was carried out in the Plaza de Armas of Macusani, widely viewed as the “alpaca capital”.

Socrates Olivera Vilca, Regional Director of the organization Agro Rural (more…)

Peru Defeats Bolivia to Continue Their Path to World Cup

Wednesday September 06, 2017

The Peruvian National Team continued their fight to qualify for the World Cup in Russia in 2018 thanks to their triumph Thursday 2-1 over Bolivia. The win pushes them to sixth place with 21 points.

Édison Flores and Christian Cueva both scored goals from outside the area just four minutes into the second half while a goal by Bolivia´s Gilbert Alvarez in the 75th minute added some extra excitement at the end of the match.

Bolivia, seeking to take revenge after the recent decision by the Court of Arbitration for Sport not to return the four points won against Peru and Chile (more…)

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