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Peru´s Hairless Dog Glorified in New York Times

Tuesday August 29, 2017

The prestigious US newspaper The New York Times dedicated a 360-degree video to Peru’s hairless dog, declared a part of Peru´s national heritage in 2001, labelling it “as important as Machu Picchu” and describing it a “living treasure “.

The 360-degree video produced by the famed newspaper features Clelia Lercari, a professional dog breeder who specializes in the Peruvian dog. “Our charming and ancestral Peruvian hairless dog is proud of the following article in The New York Times,” indicates the Facebook publication of Marca Perú.

New Archaeological Finds Made at Machu Picchu

Tuesday August 29, 2017

During the maintenance and exploration work carried out by specialists from the Decentralized Culture Directorate of Cusco, a number of archaeological pieces were discovered on Torrepata Hill, located inside the National Archaeological Park of Machu Picchu.

According to the archaeologist Francisco Huarcaya, funerary artifacts, cave paintings, rocky shelters, and other evidences were found that correspond to the Inca period.

A rock shelter that was 8 meters wide by 12 meters long was discovered in the middle part of Torrepata Hill. (more…)

Peruvian Documentary ´Misky Yaku´ Premiers in France

Tuesday August 29, 2017

After completing four years of arduous research in the central Andes of Peru, Peruvian documentary filmmaker Roberto Aldave Palacios was finally able to premier his documentary ‘Misky Yaku, Agua dulce de los Andes’ in Paris, France last week.

The documentary highlights the fundamental role of water in the Andean world, whose cultures reached levels never achieved by other civilizations of pre-Columbian America in the production, conservation and management of water.

“Misky Yaku” uncovers the chronicles, testimonies, customs, as well as myths and legends of diverse towns (more…)

Cerro Chepen: New Attraction along Ancient Moche Circuit

Wednesday August 23, 2017

Cerro Chepen, a beautiful mountain and prosperous city of merchants and farmers located at kilometer 700 of the Panamericana Norte at the crossroads that connect Trujillo and Chiclayo, will now be part of the ancient Moche tourist circuit on Peru’s north coast.

The circuit, which connects Trujillo with Chiclayo and is only 20 minutes from Pacasmayo, is perfect for tourists who can spend the night in their hotels by the sea. The visit to the “fortress” of Chepén can be done in the same day as a visit to San José de Moro (located only 4 kilometers away) (more…)

Coffee Expo to Take Place in Lima

Wednesday August 23, 2017

More than 20 varieties of coffee, many of them awarded in France, can be tasted by visitors to the Expo Café Villa Rica, which will be held from 24 to 27 August in the Plazuela de las Artes of the Municipal Theater of Lima.

To celebrate Peruvian Coffee Day, which is celebrated on the fourth Friday of August, visitors to the fair will also learn to prepare coffee with the finest grains in the world, in machines of different kinds, guided by certified baristas.

In the district of Villa Rica (Oxapampa-Pasco), 90% of families dedicate themselves to cultivating the fine grain (more…)

Peru: Domestic flights to connect Cusco, Trujillo and Iquitos

Tuesday August 15, 2017

Inter-regional flights connecting Trujillo and Iquitos as well as Cusco are Iquitos are coming soon. The Peruvian Government is currently working with commercial airlines to offer the ability to avoid the need to make connections in the nation’s capital Lima, Foreign Trade and Tourism Minister Eduardo Ferreyros announced on Wednesday.

“The Cusco-Trujillo service is already operating. We are now working on the connection with Iquitos because we want services from northern Peru to Iquitos and from Iquitos to Cusco,” Ferreyros told Andina news agency. (more…)

International Rainforest Expo Showcases Peru´s Superfoods

Tuesday August 15, 2017

Expo Amazonica 2017, Peru’s top Amazon rainforest produce trade event, featured many national and international buyers this year, plus some 70 Peruvian exporters in the cities of Moyobamba and Tarapoto.

The expo, an international showcase for agrarian products in the Peruvian jungle, mainly for the so-called “superfoods”, aroused the interest of foreign buyers, said Foreign Trade and Tourism Minister Eduardo Ferreyros. Sacha inchi, camu camu berries, aguaje, and hearts of palm were just some of the superfoods showcased this year that were trying to take the top spots from coffee and cocoa (more…)

Peru Becomes World´s Second Largest Mango Exporter

Tuesday August 15, 2017

It was reported that from 2015 to 2016, Peru increased their mango exports by 1.3%, surpassing several countries to become the world´s second largest exporter of mangoes. In the process, the fruit also became the country’s 5th most exported agricultural product.

Major importers of the delicious fruit from Peru include The United States, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, another country which tops the mango export rankings.

It is important to note that the consumption of mangos in the United States (more…)

Arequipa Celebrations: Major Attractions in “Ciudad Blanca”

Tuesday August 15, 2017

The city of Arequipa celebrated its 477th anniversary of its foundation by Spanish settlers this past week as thousands of national and international tourists visited “La Ciudad Blanca” or “White City”.

Arequipa is the second most inhabited city in Peru. The region is considered one of the most beautiful in Peru, due to its architecture, gastronomy, impressive landscapes, imposing volcanoes and for having the deepest canyon in the world! The following list explains the top tourist attractions in this rich historical city.

Mexico Returns Archaeological Artifacts to Peru

Friday August 11, 2017

168 cultural artifacts of pre-Colombian origin will be returned to Peru by the Mexican Foreign Ministry. Hundreds of vases, textiles, and figures that originated from six different civilizations, including Moche, Nazca, Wari, Chimu, Chancay and Sican were returned.

The repatriation of these artifacts was facilitated by an official agreement regarding stolen cultural assets that was signed between both countries. The agreement, called the Convention for the Protection and Recovery of Stolen Archaeological (more…)

Peru to Begin Large-Scale Solar Energy Project

Friday August 11, 2017

Peru is an excellent location for harnessing solar energy, generating as much as much as 2,400 kilowatt hours of expected energy from a kw of panels installed. In fact, Peru generates about as much solar energy as Las Vegas, Nevada in the United States, one of the sunniest cities in the world.

The proposed project will be able to produce energy at a staggeringly low cost to buyers, about 4.8 cents per kilowatt hour of solar energy produced. The initiative should help lower prices to incentivize Peruvian citizens to power their homes through renewable energy. (more…)

Cable Car Construction at Machu Picchu Again Topic of Debate

Friday August 11, 2017

The Ministry of Tourism in Peru is again contemplating the construction of a cable car to improve, and possibly increase, access to the Machu Picchu.

Several times the idea has been proposed, and each time it has not been passed due to safety, aesthetic, environmental or other concerns. This time may be different though, as a cable car was recently built alongside the walled settlement of Kuelap in the Amazonas Region. This was done in an attempt to promote tourism and the idea seems to be gaining steam in and around the Cusco area. (more…)

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