Peruvian Army Bakes Bread for Flood-Affected Regions

Monday May 08, 2017

The Peruvian Army is baking bread for the regions of Peru that continue to be affected floods and landslides, such as Arequipa, Lima, and Piura.

This bread is called Pan Pachacutec, referring the Incan ruler Pachacutec, who is the symbol of the army´s First Brigade of Special Forces, who first baked the bread.

This bread is unique because it has been baked to sustain flood victims for a longer period of time than the average loaf of bread. In fact, this bread stays good for seven days and weighs 250 grams.

Women´s Co-op Works with Denver Zoo on Lake Titicaca Conservation

Monday May 08, 2017

A local women´s co-op is working with the US-based Denver Zoo on conservation efforts on Lake Titicaca. Lake Titicaca faces many environmental threats due to its contamination from litter, local pollution, as well as pollution from nearby mines, threatening the habitat of many native species.

One species in particular caught the attention of the Denver Zoo: the Lake Titicaca Frog. The disappearance of this species as a result of habitat loss and poaching, spurred Denver Zoo´s initial conservation efforts.

Peru to Host International Birding Festival

Monday May 08, 2017

Peru will host an international birding festival this month. The event, International Big Day 2017, is expected to cement Peru as a major destination for nature tourism in the future.

Specifically, Big Day 2017 will be a day-long competition, where the winner will be the person who spots the most birds during this 24-hour period.

Participants in this event will bird watch in different reserves around the country, such as Manu National Park, Paracas National Reserve, Tambopata National Reserve, and El Sira Communal Reserve.

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