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New Lookouts to be Built in Colca Canyon

Tuesday February 21, 2017

New lookouts are planned to be built in Colca Canyon, nearby Arequipa in the South of Peru. The idea of these new lookouts is to give tourists a better view of the frequent eruptions of the Sabancaya Volcano.

The Sabancaya Volcano is considered very active, currently erupting 60 to 70 times a day.

Futhermore, the OVI, a group focused on the study of volcanos, believes that these lookouts could be a good way to educate tour guides on the risks of operating near volcanos by providing secure perimeters for safe viewing of the volcano. (more…)

Peru Represented at International Fashion Showcase

Tuesday February 21, 2017

Peru will be represented at the International Fashion Showcase as part of the London Fashion Week for the first time in the nation´s history.

Mozhdeh Matin is the first designer from Peru to ever attend the event. She will showcase her collection ¨Rural/Invierno 2016.¨

Matin´s label is called Mozh Mozh and seeks to combine elements of different traditional Andean designs in a minimalistic way.

According to Matin, she is very proud to represent Peru (more…)

World Congress on Quinoa Peru Bound

Tuesday February 21, 2017

The World Congress on Quinoa is Peru bound. The city of Puno, in Southern Peru, will host the event in March of this year.

The Congress will focus on the promotion of quinoa in global markets as a cultural symbol of Peru. Furthermore, the Congress will discuss importance of quinoa in ameliorating hunger in the Andean region.

Peru regularly competes with Bolivia for the title of biggest producer of quinoa. In 2016, Peru exported 33,778 tons of quinoa, while Bolivia exported 26,000 tons.

National Geographic Names 5 Best Places to Visit in Peru

Tuesday February 14, 2017

National Geographic magazine named the 5 best places for travelers to visit in Peru in a recent issue. The article, ¨Top 5 Places to Visit in Peru¨ presents Peru as a land of adventure for every pallet.

The article lists Lima as a must-see because of its unique connection the colonial history of Peru. Other locations include the city of Cusco, the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu.

The final location to make the list was the Peruvian Amazon because of the variety of activities and wildlife the region offers. (more…)

Peru Sees increase in Foreign Visitors last December

Tuesday February 14, 2017

Peru saw an increase in foreign visitors in December 2016. In total, 404,000 visitors arrived to Peru´s capital city of Lima via the Jorge Chavez International Airport in December.

Therefore, there was a 13% increase in visitors from last December. The most visitors arrived from the United States and other parts of South America. However, many arrivals also came from Spain as well.

December was also a busy month for Peruvians to travel. According to the National Institute of Statistics and Information (INEI) (more…)

Peruvian Photographer Goes on South American Road Trip

Tuesday February 14, 2017

Peruvian photographer, Javier Echecopar, went on a 5-mounth road trip through South America with his wife and daughter. The Echecophar family traveled over 16,000 miles in total, beginning their travels in Santiago, Chile.

From Santiago, Echecopar and his family traveled down south to Ushuaia and came northward inland, exploring the mountains of Patagonia, as well as the Andes in Peru and Ecuador, before descending southward again along the coast.

Along the way, Echecopar took photos of the local communities (more…)

New Museum in Lima Celebrates First Anniversary

Tuesday February 14, 2017

A new museum in Lima, el Museo de Sitio de Santuario de Pachacamac, will celebrate its first anniversary this month. The museum and archaeological site will host a series of events and workshops from February 14th- 18th.

Starting February 14th, the museum in the Peruvian capital will open up parts of the archaeological site that are normally not accessible to visitors. In addition, the museum will offer artisanal workshops and photography classes.

Movie about Salkantay Trail Wins Prize

Wednesday February 08, 2017

A movie about seven days spent on the Salkantay Trail in Peru won a prize at the annual ´´Adventure in Motion´´ competition. GLP Films and Adventure Lodges of Peru produced the film together.

The event was held in Alaska, and video submissions came from all around the world. Social media users voted on the three finalists, and from there, a panel of travel professionals chose the winner.

In the end, the panel decided the film ´´Salkantay Inca Trail—the Ultimate Trek to Machu Picchu´´ (more…)

57th Marinera Contest in Peru

Wednesday February 01, 2017

The 57th National Marinera Contest recently occurred in Peru. The marinera is a famous traditional dance of Peru, and continues to be a beautiful part of the Peruvian culture.

The contest was put on by Club Libertad from the 26th to the 29th of January, and it took place in Trujillo, a city in the north of Peru.

Furthermore, both domestic and foreign dancers competed at the popular event, and as many as 300 pairs participated in the competition on the final day. (more…)

Peruvian Tennis Team to Play Ecuador in the Davis Cup

Wednesday February 01, 2017

The Peruvian tennis team will play Ecuador in the upcoming round of the Davis Cup. The Davis Cup is a well-known tennis tournament in which numerous players from various countries form a team.

The Peruvian team is now in Guayaquil as they make their preparations to face the Ecuadorian squad.

Ecuador is to host the match for this coming round at the Guayaquil Tennis Club from February 3rd to February 5th. Furthermore, the winner of this round will advance to the Davis Cup´s World Group, so this is quite an important match for both teams. (more…)

Delayed Construction of Chinchero Airport

Wednesday February 01, 2017

It was recently announced that construction has been delayed of the Chinchero Airport. This is to be an international airport located about 30 minutes outside of Cusco, Peru.

The Vice President of Peru, Martin Vizcarra, asserted that officials are taking this delayed time to resolve the doubts that surround the airport construction.

Originally, the construction of the airport was scheduled to begin on Tuesday, January 31st. Although delayed, the government says that this change in the schedule will allow for millions of dollars to be saved. (more…)

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