Travis the Scottish Rock Band will perform in Peru

Wednesday September 14, 2016

The Scottish rock band known as Travis will be coming to Lima on Novermber 3rd to perform in Peru. The performance will take place in the amphitheater of Exposition Park.

The band is doing a tour called ´´Everything at Once,´´ which is also the name of its eighth album. Before coming to Peru, the band will perform in London at Hyde Park in front of more than 50,000 people.

Travis is composed of four musicians: Fran Healy (lead vocals, guitar), Andy Dunlop (guitar, banjo, back-up vocals), Dougie Payne (bass guitar, back-up vocals), and Neil Primrose (drums, percussion). (more…)

Inca getup stands out at BBC Proms

Wednesday September 14, 2016

The world´s greatest classical music festival, the UK´s BBC proms, recently featured an Incan getup that stood out in the closing song of the ceremony.

The British song ´´Rule Britannia´´ is traditionally performed at the close of each year´s festival. This year, the famous Peruvian tenor Juan Diego Florez performed the song while wearing an Inca-styled costume.

The costume represented the first Inca, Manco Capac. Juan Diego Florez commented to RPP radio about the experience: ´´It was such a pleasure to dress as the first Inca.´´ (more…)

Peruvian blueberries to enter Chinese Market

Wednesday September 14, 2016

Pedro Pablo Kuczynski recently visited China with the intent to open more access for Peruvian products in the Chinese market, particularly for Peruvian blueberries.

The Agriculture Ministry of Peru asserts that this is an important step for Peru´s economy, seeing as China provides access to 1.4 billion consumers.

The agreement will be finalized at the APEC Forum in Lima in the month of November. Before this takes place, Chinese officials will be coming to Peru to investigate the agricultural situation.

Trujillo: New findings at the Chan Chan complex

Monday September 12, 2016

The archaeological complex of Chan Chan is located in the northern Peruvian region of La Libertad, close to the city of Trujillo. Chan Chan in the Moche Valley is considered the historical capital of the Chimor Empire, which thrived from AD 900-1470 until it was conquered and integrated into the Inca empire.

Efforts have been made to analyse the significance of a unique building inside the archaeological complex: the Huaca Toledo is a stepped ruin, measuring roughly 20 m in height and 90 m in width and thus constructed differently than any other ceremonials centres that have been found on the northern coast of Peru. (more…)

President Kuczynski promises to promote sports and culture

Monday September 12, 2016

In a ceremony for the recognition of Peru´s athletes taking part in the Rio Olympics last month, Peru´s President Kuczynski assured the support his PPK-government for more sport in the country.

During the Rio Olympics of last month, many Peruvian athletes had expressed their disappointment about the lack of support by the government and private sponsors for sports in Peru.

Now the PKK has assured to act upon the necessity to improve the infrastructure for sports in schools in Peru and emphasized the importance of sports for physical and mental development of the children. (more…)

Peruvian alpaca is the success of the Magic Show 2016

Monday September 12, 2016

Last month´s Magic Show 2016, the international fashion fair in Las Vegas, gained Peruvian companies US$6 million in trade arrangements and sales revenues.

The trade fair is an international marketplace, held annually from August 14 to 17 in Las Vegas in the USA, presenting latest fashion in apparel, footwear, accessories, and manufacturing.

The Peruvian team at the Magic Show was able to exhibit the high-quality textiles from Peruvian Alpaca. The Peruvian top sellers at the fair were t-shirts for men, as well as woven garments for babies. (more…)

Mark Zuckerberg to visit the APEC Summit 2016 in Peru

Monday September 12, 2016

Mark Zuckerberg, American Internet entrepreneur and co-founder of the website Facebook, will attend the APEC Forum in Peru this November 2016. Peru will host the summit of Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation as well as holding the presidency of the multilateral organization for the second time since joining it in 1998.

The important convention will take place from 14 to 20 November this year and is a very significant meeting for Peru. “It puts us in an important international position”, says chairman of the APEC Business Summit, Alfonso Bustamante Canny.

Peruvian hairless dog wins championship

Tuesday September 06, 2016

Peru´s hairless dog champion has won yet another prize in an international championship organized by the Kennel Club of Chile. Limon Huatuntupaq a purebred hairless dog and part of the Peruvian heritage already wins his second award, triumphing in the category best-breed over other breeds like pomeriana, basenji, chow chow, pharaoh, hound and shiba. His proud owner Juan Claveria impressed the international jury with the elegant features and pure breed line of his dog Limon. Peruvian hairless dogs go back to the different pre-Inca cultures, it´s most important sign of recognition being the lack of hair on its body. (more…)

New exit route out of Machu Picchu

Tuesday September 06, 2016

Peru´s World Heritage site Machu Picchu receives a new exit. The newly established path leading tourists out of the archaeological zone allows better access as well as safer conditions for visitors, says the Department of Culture in Cusco.

The old entry road was not stable enough, comments Fernando Astete Victoria, head of the Archaeological Park Machu Picchu, and caused crowding of tourists at the main entrance.

The new road has been built above the retaining wall on the hill (more…)

Lima´s food fair “Mistura” to conquer the international market

Tuesday September 06, 2016

Every year the gastronomic fair “Mistura” is held in Lima, presenting cooking shows and offering the best of Peruvian food to visitors. The fair is organized by the Peruvian Society of Gastronomy (Apega), a nonprofit association founded by the famous Peruvian chef Gaston Acurio.

Mistura is gaining more and more popularity and has chances to expand on an international level next year. Possibly the food fair will be held in Santiago (Chile), Cordova (Argentina), Bogota (Colombia), Miami, and New York (United States), as part of their efforts to conquer the international market. (more…)

Help provided for Arequipa earthquake victims

Tuesday September 06, 2016

The victims of the earthquake that hit Arequipa in last´s month August are now receiving 400 housing units. The earthquake of the magnitude 5.2 had shaken the area around Arequipa on the 14th of August and caused the death of nine people, leaving many more without houses as well as damaging important infrastructure like roads and schools. Few days after the earthquake, Prime Minister Fernando Zavala had declared state of emergency in five districts in Southern Peru, commencing the assistance in rebuilding the homes and local infrastructure in Arequipa and surrounding towns. (more…)

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