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Peru advances to Quarterfinals

Tuesday June 14, 2016

Peru´s soccer team had an important win over Brazil on Sunday night. Playing in the 2016 Copa America Centennial, this win allows Peru to advance to the quarterfinals.

At the last part of the half, Peru´s Raul Ruidiaz, otherwise known as ´the Flea´, scored a goal to make it 1-0 Peru. Furthermore, Peru´s goalie Pedro Gallese made some amazing saves that allowed for Peru to have the only goal of the game.

Andy Polo made the assist that allowed for Ruidiaz to make the first and final goal. It was a win for Peru that exhibited the team´s teamwork and hard work. (more…)

Peru´s agricultural exports expand

Tuesday June 14, 2016

Peru´s agricultural exports totaled $1.492 billion in the first four months of this year. This shows a 4% increase from 2015.

Increased exports were in the following items: non-roasted coffee, avocados, cranberries, ethyl alcohol, carmine cochineal, and various fresh fruits. A total of 93% of Peru´s exports were these non-traditional items between the months of January and April of 2016.

The main increase in Peru´s agricultural exports was due to the expansion of its non-roasted coffee. Both the volume and value of Peru´s coffee has increased substantially. (more…)

Huayna Picchu tickets sold out until the last week of August

Monday June 13, 2016

The main attraction within the site of Machu Picchu in Peru is a mountain called Huayna Picchu. The entrance tickets to go up to the Huayna Picchu Mountain cost aprox. USD $ 15 and need to be booked in advance.

At this moment, the tickets to climb this mountain are sold out until the last week of August 2016.

Located 2,667 meters above sea level, 400 visitors summit Huayna Picchu daily. Each visitor has a specific window of time when they are able to begin climbing the mountain. Some start between 7 and 8 am, whereas others start between 10 and 11 am. (more…)

Peru offers a more diversified tourist activities

Monday June 13, 2016

The ministry of Foreign trade and tourism in Peru announced 75 tourism products from 25 different regions for Peruvian travel agents and tour operators who all came together at the Regional Tourism Products Workshop in Lima this year.

In 2014, 25 projects were successfully introduced; the remaining 50 tourism projects are still under implementation.

New tourists sectors

According to the head of tourism in Peru, the development of these tourist products helps to diversify the Peruvian offer by creating new tourists-circuits throughout Peru. (more…)

New Species of Rain Frog in the Amazon

Friday June 10, 2016

Researchers from Southern Illinois University, the University of Michigan, and the National University of San Antonio Abad in Cusco discovered a new rain frog species in Peru´s Amazon.

The researchers deemed the frog Pristimantis pluvialis, which was found in Manu National Park, an area that has a wide range of wildlife. This new discovery raised the number of amphibian species in the park to 156.

This newly discovered species is unique because it does not necessarily undergo a typical tadpole stage that most other amphibians go through. (more…)

June: A Month of Cultural Activities in Peru

Wednesday June 08, 2016

June is the perfect month to travel to Peru because there are a variety of cultural events that serve as essential tourist activities. Starting with Corpus Christi festivities on June 3rd and continuing with other activities throughout June, tourists will certainly not be bored during this exciting month in Peru!

The beginning of June offers processions and dance celebrations with Chachapoyas tourist week from June 3rd to June 10th. Tourists can enjoy the colorful garments, traditional dances, and delicious gastronomy that accompanies these festivities. (more…)

Peru Wins against Haiti

Wednesday June 08, 2016

In the Copa America Centennial, Peru scored a win against Haiti. The final score was 1-0, Peru coming out on top. The game was played with intensity and fight on both sides.

It was tied 0-0 for the majority of the game, until Paolo Guerrero scored with a header after an assist from Edison Flores. After this goal, the momentum shifted to Peru and they controlled the game from there on out.

The truth is that Peru was the favored team in this match up. Although the score doesn´t reflect this, Haiti didn´t get many chances to attack and was playing defense for the majority of the game. (more…)

Illegal mine in Huascarán National Park is Eliminated

Wednesday June 08, 2016

For around six years, the police believed an illegal mine to be operating in Huascarán National Park. It was just recently that they were granted permission to enter the park and conduct a search.

Very early in the morning, 100 police officers went out in search of the mine in park filled with wildlife and freezing temperatures. In addition to the police force, the Environmental Prosecutor´s Office and the High Commission Against Illegal Mining were also present during the investigation.

The police discovered the illegal mine, which consisted of numerous camps, cabins, and a sink hole. (more…)

Arturo Chavez Will Compete in 2016 Rio Olympics

Wednesday June 08, 2016

At the National Open of Mexico, Peru´s very own Arturo Chavez qualified for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.

He jumped 2.29 meters in order to qualify. In addition to Ines Melchor, Gladys Tejeda, Jovana de la Cruz, Kimberly Garcia, Jessica Hancco, Raul and Christian Pacheco, Raul Machacuay, Pavel Chihuan, Paolo Yurivilca, Luis Campos, Luis Ostos and David Torrence, Arturo Chavez is the 14th qualifier to represent Peru in the track and field division.

The Peruvian Athletics Federation considers this high number of qualifiers for track and field as a special moment in history. (more…)

Protest Against Candidate for President Keiko Fujimori

Thursday June 02, 2016

Thousands of Peruvian citizens came together on Thuesday for a peaceful protest in Lima, during the march they expressed their dislike of Keiko Fujimori as a presidential candidate just a few days before the elections.

Not only in Lima but also in other cities in Peru and in other countries around the world were protests against Keiko Fujimori.

The protest was attended by members of student associations and other guilds, politicans and normal citizens.

Keiko is the daughter of the former president of Peru; Alberto Fujimori. (more…)

54% of the tourist that arrive to Peru come from the Asia-Pacific region

Wednesday June 01, 2016

Peru’s foreign trade and tourism manager stated that 54% of all the foreign tourist who visit Peru come from member countries of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC).

Because of this high percentage of visitors coming from APEC countries, the economies of the member countries are relevant to the tourism sector in Peru. The arrival of international tourists is a main market for tourism sector.

3,500,000 foreign tourists visited Peru in 2015, 1,890,000 of these tourists came from APEC member countries. (more…)

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