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Peru, second biggest exporter of avocados

Friday February 20, 2015

According to the Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation Peru has grown in 15 years into the second biggest exporter of the delicious green vegetable; the avocado. The biggest exporter of avocados is Mexico. The 3rd biggest is Chile, closely followed by South Africa.

Peru gained in 2014, 308 million USD with the export of 177,800 tons of avocados. It´s a record!
How did Peru achieve this? A good environment is one of the most important things. Chile suffered from a bad climate which had influenced their production of avocados. (more…)

Vote for Lima for the New Global Monopoly Game!

Wednesday February 18, 2015

In honor of their 80th anniversary, Mr. Monopoly is creating a global edition of his supremely popular board game. Rather than include neighborhoods for sale on the property spaces of the new board, however, players will now have the opportunity to purchase whole cities in their scramble to dominate other players.

To select which cities will be included on the new global edition, Mr. Monopoly is holding an open vote. Of the 80 proposed cities, in honor of their 80th anniversary, 22 will be selected to appear on the new Monopoly board. (more…)

A better assistance for homeless elderly in Peru

Wednesday February 18, 2015

According to the Andina news website, Peru’s Minister of Women and Vulnerable Populations, Carmen Omonte said that the national program ‘Vida Digna’ will widen the scope and increase the quality of the services given to homeless elderly in Lima and other regions in Peru.

This will be possible in Lima thanks to an arrangement with “Beneficiencia Pública de Lima Metropolitana” which is the capital’s social assistance institution. This institution will help the ministry with technical assistance and will help to better the equipment and infrastructure. (more…)

Decrease of coffee plantations in Puno

Tuesday February 17, 2015

Due to an insect plaque there is a big decrease of coffee plantations in Puno, Peru. According to the farmers, there is nothing they can do about it.

To survive, these coffee farmers have no other choice than growing coca, because there are more possibilities to sell it, including to the illegal, cocaine traffickers.

However, the DEVIDA (organization which tries to prevent drugs) is looking for a way of regrowing coffee plants, a solution is not found yet and assistance is hard to find. Besides this, there is no budget for projects such as this one. (more…)

Peruvian student wins design contest

Tuesday February 17, 2015

Alejandro Merino Guerrero, a senior- year student of architecture at the University Señor de Sipan, won the International Classic Furniture Design Contest, which is organized by the Spanish company Canella Mobilario S.L..

The winning design is a very functional, aesthetic, ergonomic and practical chair.

Besides the 1500 Euros, the Peruvian student gained as well an exclusive contract. This means that only Canella Mobilario S.L. can use the design and that Merino will receive 3% of each chair they sell worldwide. (more…)

Oldest monkey fossils in the Americas discovered in Peru

Thursday February 12, 2015

The British journal Nature published an article about the Perupithecus Ucayaliensis, a recently discovered specimen of primates found in Peru but originating from Africa.

The fossils they uncovered of this primate demonstrates monkeys arrived in the Americas about 36 million years ago. This is 10 million years earlier than they thought before when the oldest discovered fossils of monkeys in the continent were the ones found in Salta, Bolivia of approximately 26 million years old.


Lachocc Child Jesus celebration in Huancavelica recognized as Peru’s National Cultural Heritage

Thursday February 12, 2015

The Christmas in honor of Lachocc Child Jesus, Nativity Virgin and Native Child or, in Spanish, Navidad en honor al Niño Lachocc, a la Virgen de la Natividad y al Niño Nativo has been attached to Peru’s extraordinary list of National Cultural Heritage.

The festival is every year from December 22 until December 27 in Huancavelica, a city in the center of Peru, with the most important day on December 25.

The news goes around that the Lachocc Child Jesus shows up in different places of the region, sometimes together with his friend, the Native Child. (more…)

Peruvians Visa- free to Schengen after June 2015

Wednesday February 11, 2015

Irene Horesj, the European Union Ambassador in Peru, explained that the visa exemption process for Peruvians to enter Schengen is at is normal path. According to her, this means that, if everything keeps on going in positive directions, Peruvians will be able to travel visa- free to the Schengen region shortly after June this year.

Within the next few months, a Belgian delegation will go to Lima to close the process.

According to the Ambassador, the country owes this positive evolution (more…)

Peruvian writer awarded with Don Quijote Prize

Tuesday February 10, 2015

Peru’s writer Fernando Iwasaki won the important Don Quijote Price for journalism for his essay “La Mancha Extraterritorial” which was published last year in a Chilean journal.

The winning essay is about the current situation and the future of the Spanish language. According to the writer, the Spanish language is very useful for tourism and music but less interesting for academic work.

The international price Don Quijote is created to award the work of writers (more…)

Peru promotes Ecotourism

Tuesday February 10, 2015

Since the 4th of February until the 12th of February, the municipality of Marcona is hosting the 15th edition of the Marcona’s Tourist Week.

Marcona is situated in the Ica Region and with this tourist campaign; the town gives tourists the chance to get to know the Guano Islands and Capes National Reserve System. Their objective is to promote these natural protected areas as the perfect destination for nature, adventure and culture.

First Saturday of Cajamarca Carnival 2015

Thursday February 05, 2015

The Cajamarca Carnival, known as Peru’s most important carnival, of this year started.

Last Saturday morning the carnival was kicked off outside the Municipal facilities and people from all over the city celebrated the annual event in the parade that took place in the historic center. The organizers leaded the spectacle accompanied by a band.

There was a lot of tourists enjoying the event and taking pictures of the colorful and beautiful participants. (more…)

Advertisement of Sauce with Peruvian peppers during Super Bowl

Tuesday February 03, 2015

Last Saturday the Super Bowl, the annual American football championship game and the best watched event of the year, took place. Because so many people are watching, it is really interesting for brands to show their product during this game. During the Super Bowl of this year, a commercial of a sauce prepared with Peruvian peppers was shown.

This one- minute advertisement gave Peru the extraordinary opportunity to promote itself as a provider of high- quality products. (more…)

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