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17-year-old Peruvian working with Facebook

Wednesday June 04, 2014

Michael Sayman Gálvez is a teenager from Miami who has Peruvian and Bolivian parents. His mom was born in Callao, located right outside Peru´s capital, Lima. Twenty years ago she immigrated to the United States and now his parents run a Peruvian restaurant in Miami.

Michael began his genius creations at just the age of thirteen, when he designed the application 4Snaps. In just a matter of days it was one of the first on the reference list and it soon climbed its way to the top, taking the number one slot in the AppStore.

Peruvian world champion boxing Linda Lecca

Tuesday June 03, 2014

The Peruvian Linda Lecca – also known as “Triple L”- became the champion of the World Boxing Association (WBA), after she secured a 10-round unanimous points victory over Simone da Silva from Brazil, the former world champion.

The fight was held at El Cancherin de Huarochiri sports arena in Peru on Friday night, May 31. Before the right, “Triple L” confirmed that she was ‘obsessed to win this fight”and that “The only thing that I have on my head right now is the world title.”

Lecca gained her first world title as she defeated her Brazilian opponent (more…)

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