More than 15,000 visitors will come to the Ballestas Islands for Holy Week

Tuesday April 01, 2014

When travelling to Peru, one of the great places to visit is the Ballestas Islands covered with sea lions and birds. It is located four hours away from Lima in the southern region of Ica. According to Andina news, the Islands and Paracas National Reserve, which helps to protect and preserve lives of endangered species, are to have over 15,000 visitors for Holy Week. In order to prepare for the mass amount of people coming, The National Service of Protected Areas by the State is working to increase the security of the tourists by improving surveillance. Also, they hope to increase the number of bathrooms to accommodate all of the visitors. (more…)

Mistura is to be held in Lima, Peru in September of 2014

Tuesday April 01, 2014

When travelling in Peru, you are sure to be asked if you like the Peruvian food. All Peruvians have a great pride for their vast array of delicious dishes and they have every right to be. Peru knows how to do cuisine right, from their famous lomo saltado to ceviche, you are sure to love their food.

Holding to this great pride, Peru will be hosting Mistura for the seventh time this year. Mistura is one of the largest food festivals in South America. Last year more than 350,000 people came and it is projected to have more than half a million this year. (more…)

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