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Palacio Nazarenas Hotel in Cusco is named the Best in the World

Friday March 28, 2014

When travelling to Cusco, Peru it does not take long to fall in love with its charm and character. What makes a tourist´s stay even better is the perfect accommodation. Cusco offers countless places to stay, but if you are looking for the best, you may want to check out Palacio Nazarenas. According to the website Review Pro with over 900,000 customer reviews, the rankings placed the Belmond Palacio Nazarenas in Cusco as the best luxury hotel in the world. It is just one block from the main square, Plaza de Armas, and is located in what was once a convent with amazing architecture. The resort and spa has balconies that look out over the city and across the mountains offering a breathtaking view. (more…)

Peruvian Surfer, Sofia Mulanovich, Victoriously Wins the 2014 Rip Curl Girls Pro

Wednesday March 26, 2014

When visiting Peru, you must go to the beach and experience the thrilling waves. Sofia Mulanovich, former WCT World Champion, is a great example of the outstanding surfing that takes place in Peru.

She is a local Peruvian surfer who took the win in the ASP 4-Star Rip CurlGirls Pro Qualifying Series. The competition took pace in San Bartolo, Peru and was presented by Powerade. Mulanovich defeated last year´s winner, Anali Gomez. For her win, she received US$7,000 and 1,000 points towards the ASP Women´s Qualifying Series Ranking.

U.S. Restaurant Chain, Olive Garden, Makes its Way to Peru

Wednesday March 26, 2014

When you travel to Lima, Peru you will find yourself astonished by the abundance of restaurants, malls, and theatres you can find. The city is a big combination of history and modernity. Adding soon to this modernity is a famous restaurant chain from the United States, Olive Garden.

It is one of the greatest Italian food restaurants in the U.S. and it is coming to Lima, Peru. It has been announced recently that the restaurant will open its first location sometime in April on the sixth block of Avenida Primavera, in Chacarilla, San Borja. (more…)

The Andean Condors and Colca Valley Visitors Are Soaring to New Heights

Friday March 21, 2014

When visiting Peru you do not want to miss out on seeing the Colca Valley, 160 kilometers from Arequipa. It is home to the outstanding Andean condor and contains many colorful and gorgeous views. The Colca Canyon is twice as deep as the U.S.A.´s Grand Canyon and is one of the largest in the world.

According to Fredy Jimenez, head of the Colca Authority, there was a total of 11,989 national and international tourists who visited Colca Valley in January, a 7.63 increase from last year.

Cajamarca´s Carnival Helps the Local Economy

Friday March 21, 2014

When touring Peru, you must attend one of its colorful festivities. One of the greatest celebrations can be found in Cajamarca in northern Peru, lasting a couple of weeks.

This year Cajamarca´s Carnival was from February 18th to March 5th, bringing excitement to the city with its many contests and dances.

This year the number of tourists at the Carnival increased tremendously, from around 8,000 visitors in 2013 to 15,000 visitors in 2014.

Peru Takes the Stage at the 2014 Moscow International Travel & Tourism Exhibition

Friday March 21, 2014

People from all over the world are coming to Peru to see its historical sites and experience its rich culture. This month PromPeru will be focusing in on the Russian tourists by attending one of the largest travel shows in the country, Moscow International Travel & Tourism Exhibition (MITT). It has over 198 destinations and 1,800 companies participating in the event.

The exhibition will be taking place from March 19-22. After 6 years of PromPeru not participating in the MITT, it is coming back strong with nine tourism professionals and holding over 300 business meetings with international companies. (more…)

Peruvian llama gives birth to… a baby alpaca

Thursday March 13, 2014

Last week, a llama has given birth to a baby alpaca in the Southern province of Peru, according to La Republica and Peru This Week.
Both the llama and the alpaca are members of the same family, the camalids.

The alpaca is known as the more ‘delicate’ version of llama: alpacas are smaller, look more elegant and their whool is softer and therefore, more expensive.

La Republica confirms that camelid breeders used high-tech breeding techniques to transfer an alpaca embryo to the llama’s womb! (more…)

Lima, a new gastronomic mecca in the world

Tuesday March 11, 2014

Lima – the capital of Peru – is now considered to be a new gastronomy mecca for the entire world. This was stated by the prestigious British journal The Economist, confirming that 7 out of the 15 best gourmst retaurants in Latin America are located in Lima!

The journalist highlights Peru’s cultural fusion reflected in its hauted cuisine which is being exported now all over the world.

The booming growth in global popularity is based on the diverse range of inputs, from the many varieties of fruits and vegetables to healthy grains like quinoa. (more…)

The UK Telegraph just included Machu Picchu in their recent “World’s Best Ruins”

Friday March 07, 2014

Though the list is not a formal ranking, the inca citadel of Machu Picchu in Peru does appear first.

“Machu Picchu is so well-known and so certain to fill travellers with high expectations that you might think it’s doomed to disappoint. No other South American archaeological site comes close when it comes to visitor numbers and broad appeal,” writes telegraph writer Chris Moss. “But with a bit of careful planning and the right approach, you will find the site as enchanting and engaging as any on the planet,” the travel writer continues.

Peru has celebrated the first World Wildlife Day

Tuesday March 04, 2014

On 20 December, the UN General Assembly proclaimed 3 March (the date of the adoption of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES)) as the World Wildlife Day, to commemorate and raise awareness of the world’s wild fauna and flora.

Peru is one of the 12 mega-diverse countries in the world. It has 84 life zones out of all 117 of the planet and 28 world climates out of all 32. Also, the Andean country has more than 25,000 flora species, which represents 10 percent of the world’s diversity. (more…)

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