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New luxury cruise trips on Peru’s Amazon River

Friday February 28, 2014

According to Gina Guerrero , the regional director of Foreign Trade and Tourism, new luxury cruise ships will sail the Peruvian part of the Amazon River among a strong development of the luxury tourism in the jungle region of Loreto.

She explains that more foreign tourists are visiting the region after the Amazon River and Rainforest were selected as one of the seven new Wonders of Nature in 2012.

The tourist official declares that two companies are delivering new cruise ships to sail the Amazon River (more…)

2nd Peruvian gastronomic festival “Taste of Peru” in Dubai

Thursday February 27, 2014

Following great success last year, Dubai now hosts the second annual Festival Taste of Peru, February 26 until March 1.

This event – organized by Promperu (the Trade, Tourism and Investment Office of Peru) in Dubai – will showcase different gastronomic marvels of Peru including causa, anticucho, empanadas and ceviche,along with the well known Peruvian cocktail called pisco sour.

Taste of Peru has also been added to Dubai Food Carnival’s roster of events. (more…)

Peru: second highest GDP growth in 2014 and 2015 in the world

Monday February 24, 2014

According to the latest survey of the Latin Focus Consensus, a main source of global economic analysis, Peru will have the second highest Gross Domestic Product growth rate in 2014 and 2015 in the world after China.

The report predicts that Peru’s GDP will grow 5,4% this year and 5,6% next year. China, the number one in the world, will likely expand 7,5% in 2014 and 7,4% in 2015.

Additionally, Peru’s economy is predicted to exceed the annual growth rates of the two custom unions in Latin America (more…)

Peru promotes Northern Amazonian Route

Friday February 21, 2014

Representatives of the regional chambers of tourism and business associations came together in the Northern Peruvian city Cajamarca to discuss the promotion of the Northern Amazonian Route to a major tourist spot.

They decided to do research for potential markets, work out a marketing plan, attract investors and increase the tourism safety.

During the campaign they will emphasize the historical and cultural heritage of the towns on this route, that crosses the regions of Lambayeque (more…)

Archaeologists discover 1000 year old Wari mausoleums in Ayacucho

Thursday February 13, 2014

The Wari Empire was a pre-Inca civilization, which extended the most between 600 and 800AD: they established their rule over the south-central Andes and coastal area of what is nowadays Peru.

The capital was the previous city Wari, located at 11km of the present-day city Ayacucho, the capital of the central Andean region Ayacucho.

Their power came to an end around 1000AD.

Since 2012, archaeologists are working on a Wari complex in this region. (more…)

Cajamarca’s 2014 Carnival opens at the Government Palace in Lima

Wednesday February 12, 2014

Cajamarca, a city in the north of Peru, is known as the Peruvian capital of carnival. The month-long carnival in Cajamarca takes place every year in the months of February and March.

Last Saturday started the 2014 edition and this year there was something special about the opening: because of the program “Palace for Everybody”, the openings ceremony was held this year on the esplanade of the presidential palace.

The carnival of Cajamarca is one of the most important festivals in the region (more…)

New Peruvian cookbook published

Wednesday February 12, 2014

Because of the worldwide popularity of gastronomic tours a Peruvian travel operator, published his book in which they describe all the typical flavors and ingredients used in the Peruvian cuisine such as rice, potatoes, onions, the different kinds of meat and the 3 types of Peruvian peppers (the yellow, the red and the rocoto red).

Besides this, the book includes as well 32 recipes of the typical Peruvian dishes as the famous ceviche and ajiaco de papas.

Thanks to its development during colonial (more…)

Peruvian region Lambayeque expects 800 000 tourists in 2014

Wednesday February 12, 2014

Lambayeque is a Peruvian region located in the north of the country and that borders on the Pacific Ocean.

The region is mostly known for the Moche (100 AD- 800AD) and Chimú (900 AD- 1470AD) civilizations and the archeological sites and museums related to this history.

According to Vanessa Castañeda, head of the office for tourism and handicrafts in Lambayeque, nearly 800 000 tourists are going to visit the region in 2014, which is a rise of 10% compared to 2013.

To reach this amount, her office will keep on promoting the ecotourism in the region (more…)

Peru’s Manu National Park awarded at the International Tourism Fair (Fitur) in Madrid

Thursday February 06, 2014

This year the Peruvian Manu National Park was elected as the Best International Active Tourism Product in the Nature Category at Fitur, the annual International Tourism Fair in Madrid, Spain.

Manu, officially a Natural Park since 1973 and a World Natural Heritage Site by UNESCO since 1987, is situated in the southern Peruvian regions of Cusco and Madre de Dios.

The jury, made up of tourism operators and members of the media, chose unanimously for this National Park due to the originality, creativity and aesthetics of their campaign (more…)

Lima: the most popular tourist destination of Latin America

Thursday February 06, 2014

The marketing research firm Euromonitor has published his Top 100 City Destinations Ranking.

According to this list, Lima welcomed most tourists in 2012 of all Latin American cities with 3,79 million foreign arrivals in 2012 which is an expansion of 29,1% compared to 2011.

With this figure, Lima can call itself the 34th most popular tourist destination throughout the world – and South America’s number one! Buenos Aires and Mexico City are the number two and three of Latin America (ranking at 44 and 46 of the list). (more…)

New coral discovered in Peruvian National Reserve

Thursday February 06, 2014

At the coast of the Paracas National Reserve, a reserve that borders the Pacific Ocean in Peru, a new coral named “Psammogorgia hookeri”- after the Peruvian scientist Yuri Hooker – was recently discovered.

This bright red coral with the size of a human hand was found by a team of researchers from the reserve and from the University of Costa Rica and it is endemic: it has not been found nowhere else in the entire world.

According to different investigators, we still have a little knowledge about soft corals (more…)

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