Over 20,000 tourists in Mancora during Holy Week

Over 20,000 tourists in Mancora during Holy Week
Wednesday April 04, 2018
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Over 20,000 tourists in Mancora during Holy Week

On the long weekend of the Holy Week more than 20,000 tourists were expected at beaches in Talara, amongst others in Mancora.

That’s why the local tourism authorities as well as the National Police met to talk about precautions for Holy Week.

In a meeting, district mayors of the region, police offers and representatives of Peruvian Foreign Trade and Tourism Ministry (Mincetur) put into action a contingency plan. This plan should guarantee the safety of visitors and the flow of traffic in the city.

Florencio Olibos, the Mayor of Mancora District, declared that many tourists are about to come to the beaches of Talara because thousands of tourists arrived in the district of Catacaos for the celebrations.

In 2017, Bloomberg spoke highly of Mancora.

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