1,200 year old burial site discovered in Peru

1,200 year old burial site discovered in Peru
Thursday April 09, 2015
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A number of tombs have been discovered in Peru´s Cotahuasi Valley with up to 40 mummies each. So far around 170 mummies have been excavated from the site by archaeologists.

The tombs are located on a hillside in the Cotahuasi valley in Arequipa Department in Southern Peru. In a newly published book about the area (Tenahaha and the Wari State: A View of the Middle Horizon from the Cotahuasi Valley) archaeologist Justin Jennings writes: “The dead, likely numbering in the low thousands, towered over the living”.

The site was established around 500 – 1000 AD during the height of the Wari Empire. Previously very little archaeological research has been done in the area due to its sheer remoteness.

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