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Travel costs in Peru


How much do things cost in Peru? How much money should I bring with me to Peru and how much should I expect to spend?

Luckily for most tourists in Peru, if you have Euros or US Dollars on your hand, things in Peru are rather cheap. However, the overall costs for your travels will depend on the length of your trip and of course on how much luxury you prefer while traveling.

Travel costs in Peru

In order to give an example of the wide ranges in different prices and travel styles to choose from in Peru, let´s take a deeper look at souvenir shopping:

Peru offers endless shopping opportunities, from street vendors and market stalls, to high end boutiques – if you are planning to spend only a few Soles on small woven bracelets or metal jewellery you can do so in a local market, if you going for something more elaborate, opt for the pricier items in museum stores or boutiques where prices can even go as high as hundreds of dollar.

The same goes for your travel plans in Peru. If you are on a lower budget for your journey, you will find various hostels and in the cities of Peru. Backpacking is a popular alternative in Peru to experience the ancient wonders while close to nature, for example hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu.

Should you decide to add a different touch to your travel style, opt for luxury options in hotels or enjoy additional services on your tours, for example taking the Luxury Hiram Bingham train service to Machu Picchu.

Travel costs in Peru

Peru offers endless possibilities to create your very own experience of the beautiful culture and nature. No matter if you opt for a high-end, luxury touch to your travels or decide to stay on a lower budget –unique memories are granted regardless of travel style and taste on your journey to wonderful Peru.

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