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Helping from Home


The wonderful experiences you gained in Peru have opened up your eyes and heart?

Do a fund-raiser! Organizing funds amongst your friends and family is one of the best ways to support local organizations and non-profits in Peru after you return home. Most non-profit organizations and humanitarian institutions in countries like Peru depend a great deal on foreign funds to keep their great work going.

You came across a reliable and trust worthy organization in Peru that you would like support? Contact them and ask for info material and photos for a fund raiser activity in your home country! They might be in dire need of help with a special issue or support in order to improve their work: for example, buying new computers for their rural technology education program or medical supply for a family in need.

Having a specific purpose for your fundraiser event often makes it easier for possible donors to understand why every cent counts and why their contribution makes a difference.

You will see that a lot more people will respond to your action call if you make a concrete statement like “'We are fundraising 1000$ to buy computers for an orphanage in Peru so that teenage girls can learn computer literacy and find a job” whereas more generally formulated purposes (e.g. “We are collecting for an orphanage in Peru”) often generate way less reaction in donors.

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You don´t have the possibility to raise money in order to help financially, but you would still like to act?

Another option to support the work of a local institution or organization is by raising awareness: you could give a talk about the importance of the organization’s work and your personal experience with the respective local school, community center, church, or other organization. This will inspire others around you to inform themselves, spread the word or even come to Peru in order to support the institution.

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