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Getting Around in Peru


Once you've arrive at your new destination and have finished exploring the city, there will likely be many small towns or villages near-by that you'll want to visit. It may be for their archaeological ruins or a famous market, but getting out of the main city to the countryside will always present stunning scenery at the least.

Transportation system in Peru

Every town in Peru has fantastic public transportation because most people do no own their own car and rely on buses, taxis, and colectivos to get around. When we say fantastic, we mean fantastic in terms of frequency and in terms of variety of options both in terms of cost, comfort, and route.

You can get to even the most remote village by public transportation because people from rural areas are the least likely to own their own car and need to get to and from the city at least a few times a month. We do not mean fantastic, however, in terms of crowding and numbers. Public transportation in Peru is notoriously over-crowded and you should be aware of petty theft.

Travel around - Peru - Bus -Taxi

Costs of transportation in Peru

Each city varies, but inter-town buses in Cusco typically charge around S/.2 – S/.5 soles depending on your destination. You can even get from Cusco to Ollantaytambo, where you take the train to Machu Picchu, via the local inter-town bus system.

Take a bus or colectivo (collective taxi ride) from Cusco to Urubamba in the Sacred Valley. In Urubamba you switch buses or colectivos and go straight down the valley to Ollantaytambo. In total the trip should last about a whole morning, or afternoon.

In total it should cost between S/.7 and S/.15 soles depending on if you take the bus or collectivo which is a little more expensive.

Knowing you can get to Ollantaytambo from Cusco for just $2.33-$5.00 with public transportation should really put into perspective how much some tour agencies make when they charge $50 -$100 for the same trip. And it's not just for the exclusive van either, you can easily find vans just as nice that make the same trip at a fraction of the cost.

The only difference? You'll be riding with the locals! Ok, and you won't get dropped off right in front of your hotel, but Ollantaytambo is small and 5 minutes walking is totally worth saving upwards of $40 bucks.

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