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Emergency Phone Numbers in Peru


As you enjoy your adventure in Peru, don't let the excitement of new places, peoples, and opportunities distract from the importance of your health and safety. Remember, the most important safety tip is to be aware of your surroundings. Always. The second best tip is to use common sense and remember that you are a guest in another country. If you wouldn't do something in your own country, that makes it all the more important not to do while traveling abroad.

If you do find your health or safety compromised, then the following is emergency contact information for Peru:

Health Emergency:
Urgencias ESSALUD
Crime Emergency:
Central de Emergencia, Policial
Fire Emergency:
Central de Emergencias, Bomberos

The following are other services you can contact in relation to emergencies, health, and crime:

Emergency Ambulances:
Alerta Médica – 225-4040
Alfa Medic – 362-9519
Clave 5 – 467-5171
Cruz Roja – 266-0481
EsSALUD en línea – 411-8000
Plan Vital – 627-1000
Red Médica – 436-2626
Servimedic – 719-9933
Transmedic - 475-3521

Police Emergencies:
National Anti-Terrorism Agency (DIRCOTE) – 433-0148
National Criminal Investigation Agency (DIRINCRI) – 433-4462
National Police – 518-0000
Chief of United Emergencies – 330-1873
Tourism Police:
The central headquarters of the Police of Tourism are located in the city of Lima.
Address: 2465 Javier Prado Este Avenue, San Borja, in the local of the Museo de la Nación.
Telephone: +(51 1) 225-8698 / 225-8699 / 476-9882
Fax: +(51 1) 476-7708

Address: Jerusalen 315-A Street
Telephone: +(51 54) 23-9888

Address: Plaza Amalia Puga w/n
Telephone: +(51 44) 823438

Address: Av. Saenz Peña Nº 830
Telephone: +(51 74) 22-7615 / 23-5181

Address: Av. El Sol w/n, Templo Koricancha
Telephone: +(51 84) 22-1961

Address: Plaza de Armas - Municipalidad de Huaraz
Telephone: +(51 44) 72-1341 / 72-1592

Address: Av. Arenales w/n Urb. San Joaquín.
Telephone: +(51 34) 22-4553

Address: Airport Coronel FAP. Francisco Secada
Telephone: +(51 94) 23-7067

Address: Los Incas s/n., Cuadra 1
Telephone: +(51 34) 52-2105

Address: Jr. Deustua Nº 538
Telephone: +(51 54) 35-7100

Address: Independencia Cuadra 6 - Casa Goicochea
Telephone: +(51 44) 24-3758 / 23-3181

Note: If you are robbed you will have to go to the tourist police to make a report. This is especially important if your documents are robbed because they can be used illegally in your name. Tourist police are always on patrol in the tourist center of most towns and near archaeological sites and other attractions. They will be able to direct you to the nearest Tourism Police center. To file a report of robbery in Cusco, go to their headquarters in Plaza Tupac Amaru next to Av. Cultura.

Fire Emergencies:
Bellavista-Italia No5 – 429-0318
Central Lima Sede Adm – 222-0222

Boticas Arcángel – 0-800-2-2121
Boticas BTL – 612-5000
Boticas Fasa – 619-0000
Boticas InkaFarma – 314-2020
Farmacia Universal – 417-1800
Farmacom – 265-0000

Note: Pharmacies are wide spread throughout most cities and you should be able to find a branch of any of these major pharmacies at the most a 10 or 20 minute walk from your hotel or hostel.

Anti-Rabies Center:
Central – 425-6313

Note: Attacks by stray dogs and guard dogs are common in Peru and many locals fear dogs, whether they are strays or pets. If you find yourself in an area with a number of dogs roaming about, eyeing you suspiciously, do not hesitate to pick up a sizable rock or two. Most dogs, strays and guard dogs, will act tough but if you so much as raise a fist at them or yell aggressively they often skirt away and back off. The are used to very rough treatment by Peruvians who have no tolerance for strays or dog attacks and regularly throw rocks at them. If a dog attacks you, running at you barking aggressively or growling, do not turn and run. That will provoke their instinct to pursue fleeing prey. Stand your ground. If you yell aggressively at the dog and throw your rock at it, they normally back off right away because they are used to this type of reaction from Peruvians who have dealt with dog attacks frequently. If you are bitten or scratched by a dog while you are in Peru, or bitten by another animal, you will need to go to a local health center and report the incident in case the animal was rabid. While the incident of rabies has decreased dramatically in recent years in Peru, rabies is still fairly common and must be treated immediately. If you are bitten or scratched by an animal, especially a stray dog, and did not receive the rabies vaccine before arrival in Peru, all local health centers should be able to give you the preventative rabies shot for those people bitten and possibly infected by a rabid animal. The treatment ought to be 21 shots in your bellybutton over 21 days. An official from the health center will also have to locate the animal that bit or scratched you in order to talk with the owner, if it has one, and monitor the animal whether it has proof of a rabies vaccine or not.

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