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Electricity in Peru


Voltage, Plugs and Adapters for Peru

Since many of us depend more and more on their electric devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops), it is very important to know about electrical current and plug sockets in Peru before you travel to Peru.

Voltage in Peru

In Peru, the supply voltage is 220 volts at 60 hertz.

For most European devices, as well as in India, Australia and many African countries a voltage of 220 – 250 volts applies, so there will be no problem plugging your electronic item into a power outlet in Peru.

In the USA, however, electricity is supplied at between 110 and 120 volts.

Most modern day electronic devices and travel appliances are designed to withstand both 110 and 220 volts (dual voltage).

In any case, however, you should always check the voltage information on your device well before plugging it in. When you connect a device of a lower voltage than 220 volts (and without dual voltage) into a socket in Peru, your electronic item might get damaged or burnt.

What are the alternatives? If your device cannot be connected to a socket of 220 volts, you can buy a voltage converter.

Plugs and Outlets in Peru

There are two types of plugs in Peru

Type A is most commonly used in Peru and has two flat parallel prongs.

Please note: It is possible that a Type A plug from the US might not enter in a Peruvian outlet! Flat plugs from the US mostly have two prongs, one a little wider than the other. In Peru, some outlets will only accept flat prongs of the same width! Travel Tips Peru Electricity

Type C, also used in Peru, has two rounded prongs.

Travel Tips Peru Electricity

A lot of outlets in Peru accept both, the rounded and the flat plugs. However, the Type A outlets are more common.

Quality of Peruvian outlets

Outlets in Peru might be a little challenging for you. A lot of times, plugs don´t enter that well into an outlet, although it is the right type.

For some outlets, you might have to stick the plug in applying a lot of force, for others you will have to put an obstacle underneath the plug to prevent it from sliding out of the socket!

Travel Tips Peru Electricity

Once you have tried a couple of outlets, you will get the hang of it quickly. However, if you see sparks once you plug in your device, you better look for an alternative socket!

Adapters for Peru

The best item to go for is a universal plug. You can get these in many electronic stores or at the airport.

If you can´t find a universal adapter, it is advisable to acquire a Type A adapter for all your devices with rounded prongs, especially for those with a three-prong plug.

Travel Tips Peru Electricity

Power supply in Peru

Nowadays, power outages don't happen every day in most cities in Peru.

However, they do happen frequently in Cusco, especially during the rainy season when storms can cause damages on power lines.

It is the best you deal with an outage like you would at home. Get your flashlight or candles and wait for the power to come back. Normally this can take a couple of hours. So, if the power goes out at night, don't expect electricity to be back until the morning

Travel Tips Peru Electricity

Water shortages in Cusco

More common and of much more inconvenient are water shortages in Cusco. The city has an infrastructural problem and many places simply do not have flowing water for a certain time of the day.

Families often save a big barrel in advance if they know that in the afternoon at a certain time the tap always stops running, or they rely on collections of rainwater from their eves. Having a few bottles on the counter can be a life saver if you suddenly find yourself without water for washing, cooking and drinking.

Some buildings just automatically turn off their water at a certain point in the afternoon or during the night to save resources and money.

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