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Peru Travel Tips and Advice


If you need practical information for navigating on the ground in Peru as a tourist or traveler, look no farther. Here you will find important travel tips for everything from your pre-visit preparations to your post-visit reminiscing. Get the scoop on what to pack, what to expect in-country, and how to stay involved with life in Peru after your visit.

1. Getting Ready for your Trip to Peru      

  1. When to visit Peru

    When to visit Peru Avoid the tourist high season or time your visit to participate in stunning Incan ceremonies Read more
  2. What to bring to Peru

    What to bring to Peru Don't leave out these essentials when you pack your bag.

    Read more
  3. Visa for Peru

    Visa for Peru Learn how to obtain and manage a Peruvian visa, hint, you most likely won't need one. Read more
  4. Vaccinations for Peru

    Vaccinations for Peru Do I need them and why? Read more

2. How to Survive Your Trip to Peru     

  1. Money in Peru

    Money in Peru Don't get swindled! Know these fast facts for dealing with dough in Peru

    Read more
  2. Travel costs in Peru

    Travel costs in Peru Avoid sticker shock, know what to expect about pricing from food to souvenirs.

    Read more
  3. What to eat in Peru

    What to eat in Peru? Where to eat out in Peru and most importantly: what to eat! All about the food culture in Peru and which dishes not to miss Read more
  4. Transportation

    How to use transportation in Peru Get from point A to point B with the locals and avoid expensive tourist rates. Read more
  5. Communications

    Internet Communication Peru Stay in the loop with friends at home and abroad, learn about communication in Peru. Read more
  6. Climate

    Climate Weather in Peru How to dress for every Weather Channel option: blistering sun, rain, hail, thunder and lightening Read more
  7. Laundry

    Laundry in Peru Don't let backpacking keep you smelly forever, use laundromats to rejoin hygiene... Read more
  8. Taxis

    Taxis and transportation in Peru What is a fair price for a taxi in Peru?

    Read more
  9. Toilets

    Toilets and Hygiene in Peru The need-to-know essentials of using the bathroom in Peru, bring your own toilet paper! Read more
  10. Business hours

    Business Hours Shopping Peru Why is this shop/hostel/bank closed now?! Don't get left out in the cold in Peru.

    Read more
  11. Getting around

    Getting around in Peru Tips and Tricks about Public Transport in Peru: which types of busses are there and how much does it cost? Read more
  12. Health information

    Health information on Peru Do yourself and your friends a favor, know your questionable food items and avoid stomach illnesses.
    Read more
  13. Night Life

    Night Life in Peru Know the best places to go and how to stay safe when you're out on the town. Read more
  14. Shopping

    Shopping in Peru Where to get the best deals or the best workmanship and quality for your souvenirs. Read more
  15. Emergency phone

    Emergency numbers Peru Know how to stay safe and what to do in an emergency from robbery to assault. Read more

3. Planning on a Long-Term Visit? Get the Low-down on Living in Peru     

  1. Electricity

    Electricity in Peru Dealing with shortages and bills

    Read more
  2. Taxes

    Taxes in Peru Where do I pay and is there a difference for foreign residents? Read more
  3. Telephone area codes

    Telephone Area Codes in Peru How to navigate the phone system in Peru Read more
  4. Study in Peru

    How to study in Peru What to expect as a study abroad student in Peru
    Read more
  5. Work in Peru

    Working in Peru How to work legally, or illegally, in Peru
    Read more
  6. Currency

    Currency in Peru How do I get the best bang for my buck when I convert to soles? Read more

4. When You Wish You Were Still in Peru (or) When You Wish You Were Back in Peru     

  1. Peru in the News

    News about Peru Keeping up-to-date with local and national news in Peru.

    Read more
  2. Helping from Home

    Helping the people in Peru How to stay involved with organizations and causes from abroad. Read more
  3. Peru Forums

    Peru Forums Get in touch with like-minded travelers and stay in-touch with whats buzzing in Peru. Read more

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