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The Inca ruins of Pisac

The Inca ruins of Pisac
  • Pisac Ruins Peru
  • Pisac in The Sacred Valley, Peru
  • Sunday market of Pisac in Peru
  • Pisac Inca Ruins
  • Pisac, Sacred Valley - Cusco
  • Ladies dressed in typical Peruvian clothing
  • The food market of Pisac
  • Vegetables at the Market in Pisac
  • Fruits and Veggies at the market of Pisac
  • Agricultural Terraces of Pisac
  • The Inca ruins of Pisac
  • Mercado de Pisac (Market of Pisac)
  • Potatoes Mercado Pisac
  • Qallaqasa Sector in Pisac
  • Pisac Ruins Cusco Peru
  • Archaeological Site near Pisac
  • Pisac town close to Cusco Peru
  • Pisac Market, Sacred Valley
The Inca ruins of Pisac in Peru date from about the same time as Machu Picchu. To visit all the ruins you need a couple of hours, and it is highly recommended to take a taxi from Pisac town, as by foot the trip can be quiet exhausting.

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