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Peru Photo Tour - Peruvian Rainforest Pictures

The Peruvian rainforest is a fascinating natural habitat filled with extraordinary wildlife and home to ancient tribes living in this environment until today.

Tambopata is a national nature reserve in the Amazon of Peru. It is home to the Ese Eja people as well as a fascinating variety of bird species, mammals and plants, of which many are endangered.
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Manu National Park is the largest national park in Peru with an area of over 15,000 square kilometres and is one of Peru's 11 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The park attracts many nature lovers and adventurers marvelling at its unique wildlife and natural environment.
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Iquitos is a city in the North of Peru, lying in the Amazon rainforest. The city is cut off from the outside world and can only be reached by plane or by boat. Iquitos is the starting point for many tourists taking adventure tours into the jungle.
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