DOS MANOS PERU Travel and tours in Peru

Traditional souvenirs in Yanahuara

Traditional souvenirs in Yanahuara
  • Local vendors at Pisac market
  • Traditional souvenirs in Yanahuara
  • Candelaria festival in Puno, Lake Titicaca
  • Ceviche Typical Peruvian Food
  • Cuy Typical Peruvian Food
  • Ekeko: symbol of good luck and well-being
  • Chiriuchu, a typical dish during Corpus Christi in Cusco
  • Inca Kola Peru
  • Local products at the markets in Peru
  • Peru Inca Ceramics
  • Peru Inca Kola
  • Peru Llama
  • Traditional textiles in Peru
  • Vendor of textiles at local market
  • Peruvian desert: Picarones with Chicha Morada
  • Peruvian Maiz
  • Guinea pig as a streetfood in Peru
  • Peruvian Typical Food
  • Peruvian Vegetables
  • Roasted Guinea Pigs Peru
  • Bull figures in Peru
  • Ceramic bull figures

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