DOS MANOS PERU Travel and tours in Peru

Little Girl at Lake Titicaca

Little Girl at Lake Titicaca
  • Titicaca Lake, Puno - Peru
  • Shore of the Titicaca Lake
  • Typical Boats of the Titicaca Islands
  • Host Family at the Islands of Titicaca
  • Little Girl at Lake Titicaca
  • Travelers at Lake Titicaca
  • Famous Floating Islands at Titicaca Lake
  • Visitors at Lake Titicaca
  • Inhabitant of the Floating Islands Titicaca
  • Beautiful View on the Titicaca Lake
  • Ceramics of the Uros Islands
  • Colorful Costumes of the Candelaria Festival in Puno
  • Young Woman on the Uros Floating Islands, Titicaca Lake
  • Boats of the Uros Islands
  • Vendor of Souvenirs on the Uros Floating Islands
  • Boats for Transportation on the Titicaca Lake

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