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Festivals and Events in Peru: Corpus Christi


inti raymi
The celebration of Corpus Christi is held in the whole country of Peru, but the Fiesta is most impressive in the city of Cusco. Fifteen saints and virgins, organized in several processions, arrive from different places to the cathedral of Cusco where they come to “greet” the body of Christ, sixty days after Eastern Sunday. During this day, you can hear the ringing of the María Angola, the biggest Church Bell of Peru, built during the century XVI by Diego Arias de la Cerda. The night before the main day of Corpus Christi, twelve typical dishes are prepared and consumed, including cuy chiriuchu, chichi (typical local beer) and bread.

The procession on the main day takes places at around 11:00am. The Plaza de Armas will be crowded with people that come to see the saints. After the procession, the saints go back to the cathedral and the representatives of the local communities come together and discuss local topics.

Seven days after the celebration (el Octavo), the saints participate in the procession again before going back to their places where they will remain for the rest of the year. Corpus Christi is a very colourful and traditional ceremony. For the foreign visitors, this is an excellent opportunity for a first-hand experience of Peruvian traditional culture.

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