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Tambopata Ecoparadise 5D / 4N

Tambopata Ecoparadise 5D / 4N


Tambopata Ecoparadise 5D / 4N The jungle reserve of Tambopata is located in the South East of Peru, around a 14 hour drive or 1 hour flight from the Andean capital of Cusco. The Reserve is the second-largest in Peru (after Manú National Park) at almost 275 hectares (680 acres) and overflowing with abundant life.

Tambopata is home to the Ese Eja community, as well as over 600 bird species, including parrots, macaws, parakeets, toucans, hummingbirds and eagles; 100 reptile and amphibian species, such as caimans, boa constrictors and anacondas; 170 mammal species including giant otters, pumas, jaguars, tapirs, ocelots and monkeys; 1,200 butterfly species and 20,000 plant species. The reserve includes several types of habitats: old-growth Amazonian rainforest with trees over 30 meters (90 ft.) tall; bamboo groves; rainforests in floodplains; oxbow lakes; palm swamps where blue and gold-bellied macaws nest; and Savannahs in the eastern sector of the park.

Jungle tours into this beautiful piece of nature allow you to experience the magic, diversity and tranquillity of one of the most diverse locations on earth.

Highlights: Cocha Caiman, Lake Apu Victor, Cocha Perdida, Gamitana River


Day 1

Arrival in Puerto Maldonado, Peru's capital of biodiversity. Following pickup at the airport, our trip begins with a tour of the city by bus. We continue to Capitanía, a small river port, where we'll board a motorized boat to cross the Madre de Dios River. We' arrive at the Lodge and enjoy an exquisite welcome drink. Then, we settle into our bungalows and have lunch.

Cocha Caiman

After lunch, we visit a trail conveniently signposted to the Cocha Caiman, a small lake with an abundant presence of specimens of black caiman (Melanosuchus niger) and spectacled caiman (Caiman crocodilus) guide. In the late afternoon, you will witness the spectacular sunset in the Amazon, an experience full of color ranges and breathtaking intensity. Upon returning to the hostel, there will be waiting a delicious dinner for you.

Day 2

Lake Apu Victor

We wake up to the delightful song of birds in the surrounding canopy. After breakfast, we start our excursion with a walk deep into the jungle, making our way along specially-prepared paths and canyon bridges. Arrival at the majestic Lake Apu Victor, with its crystal clear waters, surrounding jungle marshes, and giant tree species.

Further along the way, we ascend to an observation point that opens up a spectacular panorama over the lake, making it possible to observe parrots, guacamayos (aras), tucans, camungo, shanshos, herons and other animals such as caimans, turtles. After several hours, we return to the lodge to enjoy an afternoon lunch.

In the afternoon, there is the option to visit Monkey Island, a unique place at the heart of the Madre de Dios River-just 5 minutes from the lodge. Along the way, we'll take in the extraordinary landscapes and exuberant flora that are home to a variety of monkey species. If you wish, the afternoon can also be spent relaxing at the lodge. We come together at the end of the day for a pleasant dinner.

Day 3

Cocha Perdida

After breakfast, we start an adventure into the virgin rainforest, accompanied by a local guide. We hike into the deep jungle, to get to the Lost Cocha which constitutes a refuge and feeding ecosystem for a huge variety of animals. There, we'll have the chance to observe Otters, Caimans, Turtles, Sachavacas (Tapirs) Birds with multicolored feathers, the majestic Jaguar and a variety of fish species. We will get to the extraordinary Observation Deck, from which we are able to appreciate the immense and magical rainforest. Afterwards, we have a pleasant canoe ride around the lake and return to the lodge for lunch. In the afternoon, we have the opportunity to pay an optional visit to the local Botanical Garden or if you prefer, you also have the option to relax around the pool.
In the evening, enjoy dinner.

Day 4

Gamitana River

After breakfast, we start another excursion through the magical jungle, navigating along the Madre de Dios River, then beginning our walk toward the Gamitana River, which springs from the heart of the virgin jungle. Its impressive curves form long channels that we navigate by canoe while observing up close such animals as turtles, caimans, birds and a wide variety of insects. We will also be able to fish and take a quick dip in the river. We return to the lodge and end the day with a delicious farewell dinner.

Day 5

Breakfast and transfer to Puerto Maldonado's airport.


Tambopata Ecoparadise 5D / 4N
Tambopata Ecoparadise 5D / 4N
Tambopata Ecoparadise 5D / 4N

Practical Information

Departs: Pickup from airport in Puerto Maldonado on the morning of Day 1
Return: Transfer to the airport in Puerto Maldonado on the morning of Day 5
Duration: 5 Days
Fixed Departures Apply: Contact us for more details
Price: Contact us
Others: Please note that all itineraries are subject to change.
More: find more details on our blog post about Best Amazon Tours in Peru

Bring With You
  • Warm clothing (in case of a cold front), long sleeve shirts and long pants (cotton)
  • 100 % waterproof rain gear (long poncho or rain wear)
  • Insect repellent (at least 50% deet), sunscreen
  • One pair of light weight ankle height boots and sandals
  • Flashlight
  • Wide brim hat (for sunny days), sun glasses
  • Towel, swimming suit, personal medicines and/or Day pack, and one back pack or duffel bag of luggage per person.
  • One bottle of water for the first day, plastic bags.
  • Transfers: Airport - Lodge - Airport
  • Complete meals
  • Lodging in traditional bungalows
  • Excursions with specialized guides.
Not Included
  • Flights Cusco - Puerto Maldonado - Cusco. We are happy to book these for you as an extra - please check with a member of the sales team for a price quote.
    It is also possible to get a bus between the two cities ONLY in dry months April - October, ask for more details.
  • Breakfast on day one, lunch & dinner on day five.
  • Tip for your guide

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