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Dos Manos Peru Travel offers various options for a special discount on tours in Cusco, Arequipa, Lima and anywhere else in Peru. If you are looking out for a special deal or offer, and an exclusive discount, this is the right page for you.

Check out here how YOU can receive a special discount on your tours in Peru.

There are different options:

  1. Book the Tour in the Spotlight; this is our Special Offer of the month.
  2. Choose on of our fixed starting dates and get a 5% Discounts on a Trek (to Machu Picchu) in the Cusco area.
  3. Have profit of any of your Special Membership (ISIC, Facebook member), or get a discount if you are traveling with a group or with your family, getting discounts on tours in Peru.


For this time we have selected one of the most popular tours in Peru for travelers with an adventurous spirit: sandboarding in the mysterious sand dunes on the Peruvian Coast, nearby the small town of Ica!

If you book this tour now, you will get a 5% if there is minimum two of you.

Here you can find more information about Sandboarding in Ica

For questions, please contact Dos Manos Travel Peru. You can also book the tour here.


If you are flexible with your dates while traveling in Peru, this is an easy 5% discount for you without a single effort. Because at Dos Manos Peru we offer 5% discount on most of the treks in Cusco region if you join our groups on fixed departure dates.

This is your opportunity to get a great deal on, for instance, the famous Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, or, on the most popular alternative trek, the Salkantay Backpacker Trek.

Click on your favorite trek below and check out the fixed dates for this year!

Here on you see a complete overview of the Treks (to Machu Picchu) with 5% discount on fixed starting dates.


If you plan your trip to Peru, for sure, you are interested in one of our special discounts. At Dos Manos Peru we offer 5% discount on tours in Peru for some memberships. Also, if you are planning a family trip to Peru with your kids, or traveling in a group, we offer you a special discount.

This is your opportunity to get a great deal so check here if this might be an option for you too with any of our special discounts on tours in Peru.


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